Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin | GHKPM 25th July 2022 Written Update: Sai fails Pakhi’s plan


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 25th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pakhi waiting for Virat to take her to icecream parlour, but instead Sai comes there and prohibits Pakhi from going out of the house. She declares that the baby’s state is crucial and ask Pakhi to rest instead of roaming outside. The latter gets irked and says that she wants to eat icecream, to which Sai fulfills her wish and says that she ordered it for her. Pakhi proclaims that she will get bored sitting inside the room, to which Sai reminds her about her own decision to become their surrogate.

Here, Sai says that Pakhi will have to bear the concequences and states that Geeta was ready to become their surrogate but Pakhi herself volunteered. She taunts Pakhi, while the latter grows furious. Pakhi scolds Sai and ask her to be grateful that she is fulfilling her dream to become a mother.

Sai smiles towards Pakhi and ask her to eat the icecream, whereas the latter decides to trouble Sai but gets trapped in her own ploy. She demands other flavour icecream from Sai, while the latter gives all the flavours, stating that she ordered all of it, as she was aware of Pakhi’s mood swings.

Elsewhere, Pakhi eats the icecream without having any other choice while Virat sees their conversation and smiles looking at them. Meanwhile, Sai distributes other icecreams to the family members, while they praises Sai for her idea and enjoys it. Rajiv states that he would have made better icecream and ask Sai to ask him the next time.

Sai enjoys family time with the members, while Pakhi looks at them from aside and gets furious. She says that it isn’t going according to her plan and decides to correct it. She goes back to her room, while Sai again starts disturbing her. The latter forces Pakhi to do all the staffs that is good for the baby.

Ahead, Pakhi gets irked by Sai but follows her commands without having any other option. Meanwhile, Sai gives medicines to Pakhi, while the latter feel nauseous and puts it to the dustbin. Sai gets furious and confronts her but Pakhi lies to her. Sai again gives her medicine but Pakhi denies to eat it.

Sai goes towards Bhavan and complains her about Pakhi. She says that the latter isn’t following her advices and is not giving importance to the baby. Whereas, Bhavani confronts Pakhi and scolds her for neglecting the baby. She ask about the medicine while Pakhi gets shocked.

Further, Ashwini gets worried about Sai and ask the latter to take proper care of herself. Whereas, Sai learns sewing from Ashwini for her baby. Ashwini notices some changes in Sai, while the latter faints while going towards Virat. He gets concerned for her m, while she wakes up and ask them not to worry. Later, she confront Pakhi and decides to take an action against her.

Precap:- Pakhi looks at her baby bumb, while Sai comes there and gives a document to her. She ask Pakhi to sign it and proclaims that she won’t have any rights on the baby after she delievers it. Everyone gets shocked, while Bhavani comes in between them and takes the document to tear it. She scolds Sai for bringing it up, but Pakhi stops her and agrees to sign on it. She keeps a condition and ask Sai to take Bhavani, Ashwini and others signature on the document before her, including Virat and after that only she will sign it. Whereas, Sai gets shocked and looks at Pakhi.

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