Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin | GHKPM 27th July 2022 Written Update: Sai takes neighbours advice


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 27th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Chavans thinking about Sai’s decision, while Sonali gets worried stating that what if Sai will ask their neighbours for the opinion. Meanwhile, Sai calls them outside the house and they all follows her. They gets shocked seeing their neighbours gathered around their house, while Bhavani gets furious. She ask Sai not to create any drama, to which the latter assures that she won’t say anything about anyone, except for herself. She tells the neighbours that she wants their advice in certain matter.

Here, Sai starts telling them about her story. She notify that she can’t able to conceive, while everyone gets shocked. She continues stating that medical science has developed a lot and have solutions for such cases also. She proclaims that she can become a mother by the help of a surrogate.

Sai apprises her neighbours about the surrogacy procedure, while they gets surprised as well as happy finding about it. Bhavani ask her to stop her lecture and proclaims to proceed inside the house. She says that they will solve the matter inside, but Sai stays adamant. The neighbours says that in problems they will only help one another and ask Sai to tell her question.

Elsewhere, Sai gets happy and ask that if the baby will belong to the surrogate or the mother? To which they replies in favour of mother. Sai then tells that if its wrong that she is looking after the surrogate? To which they denies and states that it’s her goodness. Sai shows her gratitude towards them and then ask her final question.

Sai tells that she wants to take the surrogate’s sign on a paper that she will give the baby back to her and questions if its wrong? To which the neighbours again takes Sai’s side and says that she is correct. They also tells that now a days people don’t do as they says and so a legal document is necessary. Sai gets scared thinking about Pakhi stealing her baby.

Ahead, the neighbours questions about the surrogate, to which Sai takes Pakhi’s name. At that time Virat comes there and gets confused seeing the scenario. He questions about it, while Pakhi cries and goes inside. Bhavani scolds Sai and ask Virat to ask from her. He apologises to the neighbours and sends them away. Everyone goes inside the house, while Sai notify about the matter.

Pakhi comes there with her suitcase and decides to leave the house. She complains about Sai, while Ashwini tries to make her understand. Virat consoles Pakhi, while Sai declares that she won’t let her go. Virat scolds Sai for her behaviour and says that he don’t support her decision.

Further, Ashwini and Ninad takes a stand for Sai while Virat ask them not to take wrong side. Omkar appreciates Virat and tells that he is doing correct by not supporting Sai, to which Virat says that just because he isn’t supporting one of her decision doesn’t mean that he don’t have faith in her. He proclaims that he always loves her, while Pakhi looks at him.

Precap:- Sai brings the food for Pakhi and shouts her name. Whereas, Ashwini also searches for Pakhi but couldn’t able to find her. At that time Karishma and Sonali also comes there and tells that the latter isn’t anywhere inside the house. Ashwini gets worried that where Pakhi can go? To which Karishma questions that if she had run away with the baby? Everyone gets shocked, while Sai falls on the sofa being dumbstruck.

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