Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin | GHKPM 29th July 2022 Written Update: Sai and Virat saves Pakhi’s life


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 29th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Ashwini informing Sai and Virat about Pakhi’s missing and the whole family tries to find her. They all gets worried for Pakhi and prays for her safety. Bhavani stands in front of the God’s idol and prays for Pakhi and the baby. Whereas, Sai and Virat also comes there. Bhavani accuses Sai for torturing Pakhi that she left the house, while the latter takes a stand for herself and denies all the allegations.

Whereas, Omi also comes there and says that he talked to Vaishali and Pakhi isn’t there. He taunts Sai for her drama and says that because of her Pakhi is gone.

Here, Shivani also mocks Sai and says that she think she is the greatest. Whereas, Virat takes a stand for Sai and proclaims that Pakhi won’t return back if they keep accusing Sai. He ask them not to scold her and states that she never intended to do anything bad to Pakhi or the child.

Sai says that she is tensed for the baby and ask the family if they are not angry at Pakhi for running away from the house in such a condition? At that time Virat stops them from dragging the matter and ask to focus on finding Pakhi. He calls his officer and gives him Pakhi’s number to track it. He gets the location and becomes shocked seeing the address.

Elsewhere, Bhavani confronts Virat that he was the last person to meet Pakhi and ask how was her mood? To which he remembers her statement that Sai is torturing her and wants to follow her orders. He looks at Sia but stay silent. Whereas, Bhavani gets tensed for Pakhi.

Virat notify his family about getting Pakhi’s location and decides to go find her, while Sai says that she will also go along with him. Bhavani denies her stating that she will start her interrogation. Ashwini tries to make Sai understand about the critical situation and ask her not to scold Pakhi and bring her back home safely.

Ahead, Ashwini also makes Sai understand not to take Pakhi’s signature on the paper. Ninad also tries to make Sai understand, while the latter finally agrees and assures that she won’t do anything to trouble Pakhi and will bring her back home safely.

Sai and Virat gets inside the car and starts their journey to find Pakhi. Sai tries to talk to Virat but he ignores her. Sai forces him to share the location, while he lets her see the phone. She gets confused seeing that Pakhi went to Mahabaleshwar. She says that Pakhi doesn’t have any relatives their and then decodes that she must have went to the orphanage of Samrat.

Further, Sai and Virat reaches to the orphanage and questions the caretaker about Pakhi, while the latter replies that she went towards the mountains with Samrat’s photoframe. They gets shocked and goes to find Pakhi, while the latter moves towards the edge of the cliff with the photoframe. Virat sees her and shouts her name but she doesn’t stop. He runs to stop her, while Sai also comes there. Pakhi looks at them with teary eyes.

Precap:- Pulkit checks Pakhi and assures that the baby is perfectly fine and is out of danger. Everyone gets elated learning about it, while Pakhi taunts Sai stating that since she left torturing her, everything gets fine. Sai starts going away from there, while Virat looks at her. At that time Sai feels dizzy and was about to fall when Ashwini holds her. Everyone gets concerned, while the latter says that maybe Sai is also pregnant. Pulkit gets elated, while Pakhi becomes shocked.

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