Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Story 15th December 2020 : Pakhi takes a shocking decision


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With all the twists and turns the drama due to Vithal complaining against Virat will now be sorted. With Sai going to polive head quarters and telling how Virat is not at fault. Dig will praise Sai infront of Virat and will say you did right by marrying her.

At home, Sai will be again interrogated. Ashwini will support Sai. Sai will disagree to tell anyone where she went. Usha will say we went to police headquarters. Everyone will assume that Sai went to complain about Virat. Omi will say if she also complained about the family. Pakhi will taunt Sai.

Virat will come and say I will clarify everything. He will say how Sai went to convince his senior that he is not at fault. Ashwini will be prouf of Sai. Sai will go to Usha’s room. Virat will come to take him and convince her but she would not. Usha will pretend there is a lizard so Sai agrees to go back. Pakhi will come and taunt how Virat can’t even sleep alone now and how he is convincing Sai to go back to room. Virat says it’s not like that. Sai says what’s so wrong in husband and wife going to room. Pakhi gets angry on her. Sai also raises her voices. Viewers will be surprised to see that Virat will support Sai. Pakhi will be angry and leave.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see how Pakhi will take her luggage and go in anger to her house and tell her parents she will live with them forever.

What will Virat do about this new challenge? Will Sai understand Pakhi? Is this a sign that Samrat will return? What kore drama comes will be interesting. Keep following for more.