Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Story 15th December 2020 : Sai is planning something


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With viewers witnessing that Virat and Sai’s fight is getting intense. We will see How Virat will be upset that just because of his posting bin Gadchiroli, now he can lose his licence. Pakhi will try to make him understand but Sai will taunt Sai and tell Virat how he should not think that only his best friend Pakhi knows stuff, there are other people too. This will make Pakhi upset and Sai will also leave to go to Usha. Virat will warn Sai that if she goes then this room will not be hers. Sai still goes. Karishma will see this and think there is a fight.

Sai will then go to Usha and say if she always troubles everyone. Usha will say how Virat has always supported her and now also, she should not fight with him. Sai will not be able to sleep and there Virat will also feel different without Sai in room. It will be interesting to know if this will be the start to a loves story of Virat and Sai?

The vey next day, Bhavani will tell Pakhi to add whatever she wants to the grocery list, but will taunt Karishma if she wanted to add anything. They all will see Sai and Usha leave somewhere. Bhavani will ask her about same but she won’t tell. Everyone including Virat will scold Sai for going like that. Sai will still not say but will promise that after she returns she will tell.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see how Sai will go to police headquarters and will tell Usha that she will say how the whole family is treating her.

Will Sai rise the complications in Chavan house? Is she helping Virat by going to police headquarters? It will be interesting to watch. Keep following