Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Story 21st December 2020 : Will Sai convince Pakhi?


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Sai visits Pakhi house. Her mother asks her why is she here. Pakhi cuts her finger. Sai takes care of her and tells her she won’t do any such thing which would make Pakhi leave the house. Pakhi tells she knows very well that Sai doesn’t want her to return so if she is here it is due to Virat. Sai tells Pakhi I am just a guest in that house you can ignore me. Sai asks her to return. Pakhi tells I know who would be happy with my return. She says If I return I will talk with Virat and you cannot bear it.

Sai tellsI have understood You are Virats friend. I wont fight. Sai tells I am here on my own to apologize. Sai tells Virat has done a lot for me. Now it is my turn to return. Pakhi’s mother tells her she won’t return. Sonali tells Karishma where is your mind. Why are you sitting here like a statue. Karishma is going to call Sai. Devyani says you won’t find her. Sonali ask why so. Devyani says I won’t tell that Sai went out with Usha moushi. Sonali Informs everyone. Family members begin taunting Sai again. Sai says I came here without informing others. Pakhi’s parent tell Sai that Pakhi won’t return. Sai tells Pakhi how much worried Virat is because of her.

Pakhi tells Sai you can never understand my and Virat’s realtion. Pakhi asks Sai should be happy as She and Virat won’t talk anymore. Sai asks Pakhi to think where will she be happy . Sai asks her to return to her own home. She asks her to think from heart maybe her decision will change. Sonali tries calling sai but her phone is at home. Omi asks where is she. Virat comes back home and asks why is everyone worried. Bhavani says they went out of house again without informing everyone. Ninad tells maybe we should get used to all this. She leaves her phone behind so that we cannot ask her. Ashwini is not at home. Virat tells I am tired of you taunting my mother.

Bhavani says Virat learnt from Sai to disrespect others. She says expecting from Sai is useless. Virat tells Gadchiroli people are very good. They care about each other that’s why they forced me into this marriage. Bhavani says With sai in life we can’t be happy for long. I won’t loose Pakhi for this girl sai who doesn’t even know how to talk. Shivani says she is worried about Sai. Ninad asks Sai did you finish your traveling. Sai tells I don’t want to tell you but there is no need to tell anyone. Bhavani says ACP Virat can’t make his wife answer his question how would he make criminals answer.

Virat tells I don’t question them my stick does. Sai says are you going to hit me? Come on do it. I haven’t answered you yet please hit me. Sai tells Virat no need to say something he cannot do. Virat tells there is difference between bravery and foolishness. He says he has the courage to do whatever he says. He says I am a police officer and I know my limits very well I am never going to hurt a girl.

Precap – Pakhi calls and asks Virat why did he send Sai ? Virat tells everyone wants her to return back.