Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 10th June 2022 Written Update: Pakhi tries to throw Sai out of the house


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 10th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pakhi accusing Sai for snatching Samrat from her. She says that Sai can’t bear her happiness and always have given her pain. Sai denies Pakhi’s allegations and tries to explain herself, whereas Virat also takes a stand for Sai and tells that Samrat dies because of Jagtap.

Pakhi says that Sai knew about the danger which comes along with Jagtap and still called Samrat for help instead of Virat. She declares that Jagtap came into their life because of Sai and accuses her for killing Samrat. She cries and breaksdown stating that she isn’t left with anyone. Whereas, Chavans feels bad seeing her state.

Here, Virat tries to explain Sai’s perspective but Bhavani interferes and ask him to stop. She blames Sai for everything and supports Pakhi, declaring that Sai is the one who brought danger to their family. She says that they lost their Samrat because of Sai’s mistake. Whereas, the latter cries being devastated with all the allegations.

Sai explains herself saying that she didn’t killed Malhar and she wasn’t aware that Jagtap was his brother. She says everything was shocking to her also. Meanwhile, Pakhi gets furious at Sai and declares that she won’t let her live along with them. She proclaims to throw Sai out of the house, while everyone gets stunned and tries to stop Pakhi.

Elsewhere, Pakhi declares that she won’t listen to anyone and ask them to stay out of her matter. She keeps saying that Sai have snatched everything from her. Pakhi holds Sai’s hand and starts dragging her towards the door. She was about to throw her out of the door, when Bhavani holds Sai’s hand from the other side and stops her. Pakhi gets confused and ask Bhavani to leave Sai, but the latter denies.

Bhavani says that she also blames Sai for Samrat’s death, but she can’t ignore the fact that she is pregnant and carrying the heir of their family. She proclaims that she won’t let Sai go away from the house, with their heir. Pakhi gets shocked and confronts Bhavani for her biasness. Bhavani tries to calm Pakhi, but the latter shouts at her for always sidelining her. She points out that they never considered Samrat as their own, while Mansi denies the allegations and tries to explain Pakhi.

Further, Devyani was about to scold Pakhi, when Pulkit stops her. Pakhi cries and declares that no one understands her. She says that Sai will live happily with her baby and husband, while she lost her everything. She tells that Samrat and her was planning their future together, but Sai snatched everything from her.

She breaksdown, while Sai recalls Samrat’s last wish. At that time a courier guy comes and gives a gift pack booked by Samrat. They opens it and gets devastated learning about the family trip planned by Samrat.

Precap:- Pakhi confronts Sai and declares that she have snatched everything from her and Mansi. She declares that Sai have Virat and her baby, still she will never able to be happy. Pakhi gives a curse to Sai, while everyone gets shocked. Meanwhile, Sai feels dizzy and Virat gets worried for her.

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