Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 14th July 2022 Written Update: Jagtap hides from Sai and Virat


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 14th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai consulting the patients, while an old man comes there who reminded of her father. She gets flashes of Kamal and becomes emotional. She holds her feelings and ask the patient regarding his problem, while he complains about his eyes. She checks him and then puts drops inside his eyes to treat it. At that time Pakhi and Bhavani comes there to meet the gynaecologist. They visits Sai while she gets confused seeing them in her hospital and questions about it.

Here, Pakhi replies that she wanted Sai to be near the baby. She states that she can understand her desire to be close to the baby and so to make it easier for her they decided to come for the checkup in her hospital. Sai gets suspicious about Pakhi and denies to believe her. She taunts Pakhi, while Bhavani rebukes Sai and tells Pakhi that her decision was wrong.

Bhavani says that even she couldn’t able to understand Pakhi’s intentions, while the latter says that she just want everything better for the baby. She insists Sai to trust her and says that she never wants her to be away from the baby. Whereas, Sai reminds that few moments before she wanted to stay away from her.

Elsewhere, Sai mocks about Pakhi’s sudden change of heart and then takes her towards the gynaecologist. She makes Bhavani and Pakhi to sit in the waiting area and says that soon the doctor will see them. Bhavani sees a patient, who came to abort their child and taunts them. The latter gets furious at Bhavani and ask not to comment on her personal life.

Sai comes there and handles the situation, while Virat chases the goons and tries to catch them. They gets into a fight and Virat injures one of their team member. The goons stopped a car and threatens the man to give them ride. The man is revealed to be Jagtap, while he sees Virat and tries to hide from him. Virat starts firing to capture the goons but gets unsuccessful.

Ahead, Jagtap worries about getting caught by Virat and drives the car fastly. He insists the goons to leave him, but the latter denies and threatens to kill him. The leader of goon also kills his own member, who got injured and orders Jagtap to drop them inside the hospital. The latter identifies it to be Sai’s work place and gets tensed.

The doctor checks Pakhi and ask about the warning of the doctor before the surrogacy procedure. The latter lies that doctor haven’t warned about anything, while the gynaecologist replies that Pakhi’s pregnancy is complicated. She states that she can’t bear the baby, while the latter gets shocked and worries about Virat and Sai’s reaction. She determines to get pregnant anyhow.

Further, Bhavani ask about Pakhi to which the doctor replies that she is fine, while Sai ask about the baby. The doctor was about to tell the truth, when they hears gun sound and Sai goes to look into the matter. She gets shocked seeing the goons and tries to stop them but gets unsuccessful. The goons captivates all the patients and doctors, whereas Jagtap wears a mask to hide from Sai. Meanwhile, Virat and his team plan to get inside the hospital to rescue the people. Sai decides to contact Virat and notify him about the situation.

Precap:- The goon warns the doctor as well as patients not to contact anyone. He tells that of anyone get caught trying to send message, then he won’t be spared. Sai gets worried hearing his threat, while Pakhi and Bhavani hides behind the table. Pakhi immediately messages about the situation to Virat, while he becomes shocked. He learns about Pakhi and Bhavani also being inside the hospital and gets worried for his unborn baby.

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