Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 15th September 2021 Written Update: Samrat warns Pakhi not to compare him with Virat


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 15th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sai getting restless in her room. She calls Virat to open the door else she will never forgive him. Pakhi tells Samrat to drop her in parlour. Samrat says he will. Pakhi tells him to wait there for two three hours until she gets ready. Samrat says he is not like other typical husbands. He doesn’t like make up too but he won’t force Pakhi as well to stay according to his wish. It will be her choice. He will drop her in parlour but will not wait there. Pakhi says Virat also drips Sai in college and sometimes wait for her. Samrat says he is not Virat and Pakhi should not compare him with Virat. He gets angry and says Pakhi is just acting to be happy but she is not. She didn’t forget Virat that’s why she gave his example.

Samrat says if she keeps talking anout Virat this new start is just meaningless. She is not sure about her decisions. Pakhi says Samrat and Virat are brothers so she thought their characteristics are same. Samrat says Pakhi should stop finding Virat in him. They are two different persons. Pakhi says she wouldn’t have taken Virat’s name if she knew Samrat will not like it. Pakhi says she wants people to get jealous seeing their perfect marriage. Why Samrat is not helping her doing so. Samrat says why she wants to show off instead of being happy with him for real. Samrat says he doesn’t have any expectations from Pakhi. He will take her responsibility but she doesn’t have to take care of his happiness. Samrat says Pakhi doesn’t have to take decision according to his choice, she is free to choose her own lifestyle. He will accept her like that. Pakhi thinks why Samrat is talking like that.

Bhavani says Ashwini is sick and she has to take the responsibility of the puja. Karishma says everyone looks enthusiastic. Shivani tells her to concentrate on work. Karishma taunts Sai saying she is still studying and not working. Omkar mocks Sai saying he will see how she becomes a surgeon. Mansi says she believes Sai will become doctor. Bhavani says everyone is working in the house why Sai is doing anything. Sonali says it’s Sai’s cunningness, she doesn’t want to help them so she is pretending to study. Omkar says he won’t let Sai go to college today at any cost. He will call her right now. Virat comes and says he already took a step to stop Sai. He locked her in a room. Sai realises Virat took away her phone too. She gets frustrated and says Virat is upset that he can’t get back Pakhi. So he is venting out his fury on her but she will prove him wrong today by freeing herself. Virat tells Karishma to play some music.

Sai sees window and decides to escape through that. Sonali says Sai annoyed Virat to such extent that he locked her. Shivani scolds Virat that why he locked Sai. Its not a police station. Virat says he tried to make Sai understand a lot but she didn’t understand. She never follows traditions or rules of the house, they never stop her but now its too much. She is really stubborn. That’s why he locked her. Sonali says because of Sai’s father she is mannerless. Virat says he will take Sai out on time. Sai holds the pipe and goes down safely. She runs away from the house and she gets tired. She says Virat can’t lock her up in a cage, she will fly for sure. Now Virat will feel lonliness. Pakhi is away from him.

Precap – Sai says Virat’s indifferent attitude is so unexpected. Pulkit says if Pakhi was not there will she able to love Virat. Sai decides to do something big to end the differences.

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