Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 16th September 2021 Written Update: Sai submits college transfer application


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 16th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhavani saying Virat did right by locking Sai up. Sonali says Sai’s family background is the reason why she is mannerless. Karishma says she got good lessons from her family, she was not allowed to go out after 7 pm. Shivani mocks Karishma saying then how come she ran away with Mohit and got married to him. Sonali stops Shivani from taunting Karishma. Shivani says people should not point fingers at others when they themselves are not perfect. She calls Karishma double standard. Sonali says Sai should have been here to help them making preparations. Bhavani says Sai will ruin all the preparations so it would be better if she stays in room. Bhavani gives Puja responsibilities to Karishma saying if she really wants to get praises then she should prove herself by doing everything perfectly. Virat thinks he had no other choice but locking Sai up.

Sai meets principal who shows disappointment towards her for not attending classes regularly. She is really indisciplined. Sai says sorry to him and says she wants a college transfer right now because of the situation. Principal says Sai should not change Nagpur’s best college. Her in laws live here then why she wants a transfer. Sai says she wants to study in a nearby college of Gadchiroli. Right now she is having some problems. Principal says he will do something. He tells her to meet him tomorrow. Pulkit meets him and learns Sai has come to submit transfer application. Principal says Sai is best student of his college, he doesn’t want to lose her. Pulkit gets shocked.

Bhavani waits for Pakhi and Samrat. They come back and Bhavani compliments Pakhi’s look. Sonali tells Mansi to perform nazar utaro ritual. Karishma says nobody does anything special for her. She is unlucky. Shivani says she wants the parlour address, she will go there some day. Samrat says Pakhi went as she likes to get ready. But he doesn’t like to dress up. Pakhi says this day is really special for her. Bhavani says she is looking the same like how she looked on her wedding day. Pakhi says she wants to forget that day. She wants a fresh start. Bhavani tells Virat to bring Sai. Pakhi wonders why Sai is locked up.

Pulkit says why Sai took such a big decision. He thought after Samrat’s return everything will be fine between him and Sai. Sai says Virat is behaving indifferently nowadays. He argues with her all the time. Chavans also never like whatever she does. So she doesn’t want to participate in the puja. Devyani compliments Pakhi and the latter taunts her saying she can’t believe Devyani is praising her. Devyani says before that she didnt find anything praiseworthy in her. Bhavani tells Pakhi to wear her jewels. Omkar says Pakhi has glow on her face. Pakhi asks about Sai and Shivani reveals Virat locked Sai in a room. Pakhi thinks why Virat behaved this way.

Precap – Sai says Virat is behaving rudely with her nowadays. Pulkit asks Sai if Pakhi was not there would she love Virat. Sai makes a plan to end the differences.

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