Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 17th May 2022 Written Update: Pulkit praises Sai


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 17th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai attending her first day in the internship and gets excited about it. Whereas, Pulkit confronts all the interns and congratulates them for passing their final year exams. He wishes them all the best for their future and ask them to work hard. Whereas, he also appreciates Sai for topping the exams and shows his proudness towards her, whereas all the other students claps for her achievement. They praises her bond with her husband, pointing about about their love as they have kept each other’s surname after their marriage. Sai smiles remembering Virat’s support towards her.

Here, a man comes inside the room and shouts at the students to stop clapping. He questions about the matter and says that they haven’t become a doctor yet. He reminds them that they have to complete the internship to get their degree and ask them to be alert and responsible. He questions Pulkit for showering so much appreciation towards Sai.

Pulkit introduces everyone to the man and says that he is his senior Dr. Machinder Thourat. He notify the interns that they have to report to Machinder for their duties, whereas the latter confronts Sai and ask her not to fly high. He says that their test start with the internship and he will see who deserves to becomes a doctor.

Elsewhere, Machinder asks the interns to give their introductions. Everyone starts telling about their name, while Sai tells her full name including Virat’s surname. He goes towards Sai and confronts her. He points out that she is married and scolds her not to bring her personal stuff into the hospital. He gets furious at her and insults her in front of everyone, while she tries to explain herself.

Sai gets confused with Machinder’s behaviour and stays quiet seeing his anger. Whereas, he takes them for the rounds and gives the duties to each intern. He sees Sai smiling and questions her about it, to which she replies that she is excited for the first day of her internship. He gets furious at her and ask to take everything seriously. He ask her not to show emotional feelings with anyone and orders to keeps everything professional, while she nods to him.

Ahead, Pakhi instigates Bhavani against Sai and says that she won’t do anything for the evening event and still will take all the credits. Bhavani shows her confidence upon Sai and says that she will be able to win everyone’s heart. Whereas, Sonali also mocks Sai, but Bhavani takes stand for her and ask Sonali to look after her daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, she taunts Karishma and Sonali gets upset.

Pakhi gets furious with Bhavani’s behaviour and shares her worry with Samrat, upon his instance. He listens to her rants that how Bhavani does partiality with Sai and how the latter have broken the special bond of Bhavani and her. Whereas, Samrat massages Pakhi’s head and tries to make her feel light. He shows his care towards her, while she determines to make Sai fall from Bhavani’s eyes.

Further, Machinder allots the duties to everyone and tells the timing. Sai gets shocked learning about it and worries about reaching to the programme conducted by Bhavani. She tries to talk to Machinder and insists if she can leave early? To which he scolds her and ask to go away from there. She apologises to him but he doesn’t get ready to hear her out. He taunts her asking to only look after her husband and in-laws, whereas she gets worried.

Precap:- Sai requests Machinder to let her leave early and says that she will compensate on other days. Whereas, he gives her duty to do a delievery. She gets shocked and tries to handle the patient, but becomes worried as the patient gets angry. Machinder smirks and taunts Sai along with her husband. Whereas, the latter takes stand for herself and declares that she won’t take any personal attacks on her family.

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