Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 18th September 2021 Written Update: Samrat saves Pakhi from fire


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 18th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Devyani, Samrat and Virat coming to Virat’s room to free Sai. But they don’t find Sai there. Virat checks the window and understands that Sai ran away through window. He says when he told Sai she can’t go to College. She took it as a challenge and to win it she didn’t even think about her safety. Shivani says Sai did all these because of Virat’s rudeness. Samrat says whatever Sai does it can not be without reason. She did the right thing by running away like this. She can’t be caged.

Pulkit tells Sai means she made up her mind to leave the Chavan Nivas. After her exit they will understand her value. Sai says Pulkit loves her thus he thinks like that but she knows Chavans will be happy without presence. Pakhi will maintain balance between her best friend and husband. Virat will also fulfil his duty of friendship. Sai says she just wants to focus on her studies and by staying away from all this drama she can only concentrate on studies. She requests Pulkit to support her and he should never stop her from leaving. Sai leaves to attend class.

Virat informs Chavans that Sai left for college and escaped using pipe. Ninad says he can never imagine Sai will do something like this. But how long Virat and Sai will keep fighting like this. Devyani gets excited and says Sai ran away and Virat couldn’t stop her. She laughs and tells Bhavani that the latter used to lock her too but she should have run away like Sai. Devyani laughs and repeats the same thing that Sai is gone. Devyani again scolds Virat for locking Sai. She says Sai is not an insane person like her then why Virat locked her. Devyani adds When Bhavani used to lock her Virat used to cheer her up then why he did the same with Sai. Virat says Devyani has no idea what’s going on. Pakhi gets upset over the fact that Virat’s effort has gone to waste as Sai left. She thought its her special day but today everyone is worried for Sai because of her act. Pakhi says she has also right to stay happy for one day atleast but its didn’t happen. She cries and Mansi consoles her. Vaishali arrives and asks Pakhi what happened. Pakhi hugs her and Bhavani says she was just missing her mother. Vaishali gives present to Pakhi and then Bhavani says they should start the Puja as Pakhi has kept fast. Ashwini says they should wait for Sai. Bhavani says not anymore. Puja starts.

Ashwini waits for Sai and calls her. She gets worried. Priest tells Samrat and Pakhi to follow his words. Devyani asks Ashwini why she is worried. Ashwini says Sai is not even receiving her calls. Devyani says she will call Pulkit and will tell him to take Sai to Chavan house. Devyani calls Pulkit and he assumes Chavans learned about Sai’s disappearance maybe. They should reach home fast. Sai says Pakhi is even using God’s name to show off her fake care towards Samrat. Pulkit says he is just worried for Devyani. She must be feeling alone without him. Everyone prays to God with folded hands. Pakhi recalls how Virat saved her from fire before marriage. She thinks to apply the same idea again in this hope that Virat will save her this time too. Pakhi puts her saree in the hawan fire and Samrat extinguishes the fire immediately. Pakhi gets disheartened thinking Virat doesn’t care about her feelings at all. Sai says what Bhavani will tell her after reaching home. She will scold her for being late. Bhavani says if any bad omen has happened. Priest says Samrat saved Pakhi, he fulfilled his duty of a husband and this is not a bad omen. Sai arrives and Devyani gets happy seeing her. She praises her for running away. Virat notices Sai and ignores her.

Precap – Samrat says he will talk to Sai. Virat says he will talk to Sai as she is his wife. Pakhi instigates Virat against Sai and Samrat lashes out at Pakhi. Samrat says why she has so much problem with Sai. He demands answer from Pakhi. Pakhi gets shocked.

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