Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 19th March 2022 Written Update: Bhavani makes a plan against Sai


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 19th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai forcefully getting inside Virat’s room, while he gets irked by her presence. She sleeps on the same bed whereas he ask her to stay away from him. Instead of his threats she tries to get close to him. He grows furious and gives her a warning, but she makes excuses that she can’t control her movement in their bed. Virat taunts her and breaks a thing, while Pakhi hears the sound and gets shocked thinking that Virat have slapped Sai. She peaks inside their room to see the scenario, but gets disappointed after noticing that Virat have placed a new bed besides his for Sai. She expresses her jealousy and says that she expected a rift in between them.

Here, Pakhi states that Sai have come in between Virat and her. She expresses her true feelings for Virat and states that it haven’t changed even after so long. She declares that she can do anything for him and proclaims that Sai doesn’t deserve him. She determines to teach a lesson to Sai.

Samrat catches Sai keeping an eye on Virat and Sai’s room. He confronts her and scolds for sneaking inside their room without permission. He doubts her for loving Virat and being extra sensitive about him, to which she tries to save herself. She questions Samrat that if he doesn’t love Virat and cafe for him? To which latter replies positively. He says that he genuinely cares for his brother Virat.

Elsewhere, Pakhi tries to make Samrat realise that Sai is not good for Virat. She convinces him after reminding about how easily Sai doubted Virat, even after he have done so much for her. She also tells about all the problems faces by Virat due to Sai, while Samrat tells that they can’t say anything in between Sai and Virat, as they are a married couple.

Pakhi insists Samrat to help her, while he agress declaring that he can do anything for his brother. He goes to sleep, while she thinks that she can also do anything for Virat and determines to throw Sai out of his life. Whereas, Sai keeps disturbing Virat making him annoyed.

Ahead, Virat says some hurtful words to Sai regarding her presence, while she feels bad. He went to sleep and avoids her, whereas Sai holds the photoframe of her Father and cries vigorously. She expresses her pain, that how she feels by being lonely. She says that she misses everyone and complains that no one talks to her and always tries to avoid her.

Sai shares with her father’s potrait that she misses his presence and tells that she act to be happy and chirpy daily in front of others, just to gain their love back. She says that she is failing miserably and wishes that her father would have been there. She wipes her tears and then goes to sleep besides Virat.

Further, Omkar shares his worry with Bhavani while she ask him to calm down. At that time Sonali also comes there and gets involved in their plan. Bhavani says that only her daughter-in-law can face and defeat Sai. She calls Pakhi and gives her responsibility to teach a lesson to Sai. She tells that they a knows Sai is jealous of Pakhi and ask her to take her revenge from Sai, while latter assures her.

Precap:- Sai reads her horoscope and smiles learning that she will get close to Virat as the difference in between them will get over. She then realises that he doesn’t even allow her near him and gets worried. She continues reading the newspaper and learns that she should wear rainbow colour to attract her partner, while she gets an idea. She becomes excited stating that she will surely get Virat’s forgiveness.

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