Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 24th February 2022 Written Update: Chavans gets shocked learning about Virat’s condition


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 24th February 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bhavani dragging Sai inside the house while everyone follows them. She shouts at Sai for creating a scene in front of their neighbours and questions about her new drama of finding the nuptial chain. Devyani ask if Sai came to join them in the Puja, while latter stays silent. Karishma blames Sai for trying to get back in Chavan family and reminds how she have broken her relationship with Virat. Omkar and Sonali also taunts Sai, while Ninad ask them to stop. Ashwini says that Sai came for the Puja and states that she can join them as she is their daughter.

Here, Ashwini tells Sai that she does need to wear the nuptial chain to come inside the house, while latter holds her mangalsutra tightly and moves towards the temple ignoring others. Bhavani keeps scolding her, while Sai prays in front of God for Virat’s safety and apologises for removing her nuptial chain. She wears it back while everyone looks at her being confused.

Sai moves towards Ashwini and insists her to purify the nuptial chain. Ashwini tries to stop Sai but latter insists her to do as she asked for. Ashwini does as Sai told, while latter cries remembering about Virat’s condition.

Elsewhere, Mohit questions that how Sai got so much injured? Ninad tells that they knew Virat went to the mission with DIG sir to rescue Sai as she was kidnapped. Samrat also tells that Virat went to save Sai and questions that what happened? To which Sai gets teary eyes and notify them about the whole incident.

Sai tells Chavans about how Virat rescued her and risked his life to save her. She tells them that he is fighting for his life and is really critical. Chavans gets shocked, while Samrat questions that how it happened? To which Sai replies that Sadanand kidnapped her to take revenge from Virat for his wife Shruti. She tells that Sadanand mistook Virat and tells the truth that Virat is innocent and he have hidden about Shruti to save them from getting into trouble.

Ahead, Chavans starts accusing Sai for Virat’s condition and blames her for doubting him. Pakhi gets furious at her and says that she always tried to create rift in between them and Virat. Whereas, Sonali and Omkar also taunts her. Bhavani blames Sai for snatching Virat from them and hurting her, while Sai cries and hears all the taunts thinking that she deserves it.

Ninad stops his family and ask them not to blame Sai, he complains that Virat should have told them about the truth rather then hidding it. Bhavani scolds him for his statement and ask him to think about Virat’s critical condition. Ninad apologises and blames himself for cursing his son. He cries stating that why he didn’t believed his son.

Further, Ashwini confronts Sai and ask how she went wrong? She says that she have done everything only because she trusted Sai. She ask why Sai couldn’t able to see truth in Virat’s eyes? She gets flashes of how she hurted Virat and breaksdown. She starts beating herself for not trusting Virat, while everyone tries to stop her. Mansi also cries reminding them about her words to trust Virat. Whereas, Bhavani declares that of anything happens to Virat, then Sai will be responsible for it.

Precap:- Sai confronts Pulkit and ask about Virat’s state, while he stammers to answer her. He says that he have briefed about many patients condition in his profession but this time he don’t have guts to tell about Virat’s state. Sai requests him to tell her the truth and ask of Virat needs blood or anything? To which Pulkit says that it is impossible to save Virat, while Sai gets shocked.

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