Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 25th January 2022 Written Update: Chavans blames Shruti for all the problems


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 25th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Chavans confronting Virat. They gets shocked seeing him along with a baby and questions him about it, while he ask them to stay silent as the baby was sleeping and takes them out of the cabin. Ashwini gets furious at Virat and ask if the baby is his? He reminds that they have thrown him out of his house and so doesn’t have any rights to question him. Sonali tells him how they got insulted by their neighbours and blames it on Virat. Omkar says that if he wanted to have kids with Shruti, then he should have married her only. He ask why he wasted Sai’s life and started his affair with Shruti.

Here, Mohit gives the document of the kid to Sonali, who reads it out to be Virat’s son. Mohit says that he regrets not following Virat on the day he learns about his betrayal. He also reminds about his threat to Shruti, while Virat ask him to stay away from her. He says that if they don’t trust him at all then he don’t have anything else to say to them.

Samrat mocks him questioning that if he will keeps asking about trusting him, without telling the truth? Samrat scolds Virat for betraying them and hurting Sai badly. He says that no one will forgive him, while Virat feels hurt. He says that don’t want to answer them, to which Ninad makes him reply forcefully. Meanwhile, Ashwini tells Virta to give her poison, he gets shocked and stops her from saying it.

Elsewhere, Ninad says that it would have been better if he and Ashwini would have jumped off the terrace and suicided before learning about Virat’s truth. He gets shattered hearing their statement. Ashwini gets furious at Virat and keeps cursing him. Whereas, others also pours their anger out on him.

Virat tells that it’s just a baby and he needs to look after him. Samrat says that how Sai will feel after learning his truth and shows sympathy towards her, while Virat notify that she alredy knew about it. He tells about the incident where Pulkit and Sai operated Shruti. Everyone gets dumbstruck hearing him and feels bad for what Sai would have gone through.

Ahead, Virat ask them to excuse him so that he can look after the baby, while Ashwini gets angry and slaps him hard. She cries after doing her action, while others comforts her. Meanwhile, Virat leaves from their being shattered. Whereas, Sonali gets inside Bhavani’s cabin and sees her getting conscious. Mansi ask latter to take rest, while Sonali interrupts in between and notify her about Shruti and Virat’s child.

Bhavani gets shocked and orders Sonali to take her there. Sonali makes latter sit on wheelchair and takes her away. Chavans gets shocked seeing her and tries to stop, but latter ignores them. They all enters Shruti’s cabin, making Virat and her nervous. She looks at them being confused and ask that who are they? To which Bhavani ask her to question this from Virat.

Further, Ashwini along with others starts blaming Shruti for breaking their home. She feels hurt and tries to explain them but they denies to hear it. Virat ask them to stop, but Ashwini gets more furious and rebukes Shruti for ruining Virat and Sai’s relationship. She keeps shouting asking for an answer, while Shruti’s head starts hurting. Virat notices her and gets worried, he calls the nurse and she sends everyone out of the room. Shruti gets unconscious, while nurse goes to call doctor. Virat becomes worried about her.

Precap:- DIG sir tells Virat that if he couldn’t able to prove himself innocent, then he will have to lose his job. Meanwhile, Sai gets shocked reading about it in the newspaper. She shares it with Pulkit, while he says that Virat deserves it. He ask Sai to stay out of it, while she looks at him being suspicious.

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