Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 25th September 2021 Written Update: Sai taunts Virat


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 25th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sai packing her bag and Devyani comes to call her. Devyani assumes Sai is trying to select clothes. She helps her but Sai gets annoyed. Devyani asks her where she is going? She tells Sai to swear on her. Sai admits that she is leaving on her own. Devyani says but why she is doing it. She says she will inform everyone that Sai is leaving. Sai stops her and says that’s their secret and if Devyani loves her she should not tell anybody. Devyani stops and says she will miss Sai a lot. But why can’t tell the family about it. Sai tricks Devyani so that she keeps the matter a secret. She tells Devyani to promise her. But Devyani still denies. Sai convinces her by playing a game.

Devyani asks Sai is she leaving Virat too. Sai says she is doing it for everyone’s good she is leaving the town as well. Devyani says Sai gave her lot of happiness, she got her married to Pulkit then why she wants to leave Virat. Devyani takes Kamal’s photo and says if he was alive he would have stopped Sai from leaving. Sai gets emotional holding Kamal’s photo. She says if he was alive she wouldn’t have been in this unwanted marriage. Virat would never try to misbehave with her. Devyani consoles her.

Pakhi asks Samrat he will sit in Puja so she will get ready. Samrat says she looks good simply. Pakhi is about to leave and he says why she told he should have brought the idol not Virat. Pakhi gets scared thinking Samrat might have guessed she wanted to do aarti of Virat. She then diverts the topic saying she never got the right to do aarti of Samrat, before he left for duty then too he gave the right to Bhavani. Samrat gets convinced and smiles at her.

Devyani asks Sai will she come to meet her. Sai promises her. Virat comes and gets surprised seeing Devyani. He tells her to sleep with Sai. Devyani says Virat should spend time with Sai tonight. She is about to reveal Sai is leaving but Sai signals her to shut his mouth. Devyani hides the matter and Virat says Sai was doing the aarti in bad mood and when everyone was discussing about modak why she left from there. Sai says Pakhi also taunted her saying she won’t like her modak. She was showing off. Virat never sees Pakhi’s mistake. Virat asks why Sai has problem with Pakhi’s actions. She never points out her own mistakes. Sai says as Virat is there to point out her mistakes. Police duty is his part time job. Virat shuts her saying she should not try to prove him wrong always. Devyani tells Virat not to scold Sai.

Virat says he is not here to please Sai. Sai tells Devyani to leave the room. Devyani requests Virat to not rebuke Sai again. Before leaving Sai signals her again. Sai asks Virat what’s his problem. Virat says Kamal was such a good mentor but he couldn’t teach Sai manners. Sai says Virat can never match Kamal’s excellence. She taunts him saying he should consult a psychiatrist to treat his anger issues. She adds she has no relation with him so he can’t misbehave with her. Virat leaves in disgust. Sai says though Pulkit told her to stay in Nagpur but she has to take tough decision for herself.

Precap – Sai takes off her ring gifted by Virat. Virat says now she has nothing in his drawer. Now what she is planning to do. Ashwini asks Sai what is she hiding. Sai doesn’t answer.

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