Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 28th June 2022 Written Update: Sai’s suspicion shocks Virat and Ashwini


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 28th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai getting furious at the family members for supporting Pakhi to become their surrogate. She tells Virat that only they have the right to take their decision regarding the surrogate. She proclaims that it’s about their child and no other person should interfere in their matter, while Virat supports her and tells that they will make Bhavani understand it.

Whereas, Pakhi becomes furious at Sai and shares her agony with Vaishali. She gets irked thinking about the way Virat supported his wife and fumes in anger. Meanwhile, Vaishali ask Pakhi to stop her plan. She shows her concern towards Pakhi and advice her to focus on her future.

Here, Vaishali reminds Pakhi that she told her not to go behind Virat, as he only loves Sai and won’t care about Pakhi. Whereas, the latter proclaims that once she gets their child inside her womb, then she will surely get all the attention of Virat. She determines to fulfill her ploy. Whereas, Vaishali gets worried about her.

Sai looses her temper thinking about Pakhi, while Ashwini enters their room and supports Sai. She tells that the latter have managed to manipulate Bhavani and some other family members. Sai tells that she feels suspicious about Pakhi and proclaims that she can never let her become their surrogate, as she was ex-lover of Virat.

Elsewhere, Ashwini and Virat gets shocked by Sai’s words and the latter clearifies that he does have any feelings for Pakhi. He also takes the stand for Pakhi and proclaims that she is grieving the death of Samrat and ask Sai not to put such allegations on her. Whereas, the latter says that she can feel the bad vibes from Pakhi.

Virat assures Sai that it’s their responsibility to find a surrogate for their child and assures to always support Sai. He makes her calm, while Ashwini smiles seeing their understanding. Virat ask Sai to keep looking for the surrogate for their child and proclaims that her decision will be the last.

Ahead, Pakhi goes inside Bhavani’s room while the latter ask her not to take Sai’s words seriously. She says that one day Sai will realise Pakhi’s selflessness. She shows her support towards Sai and assures that she will help her to become Virat and Sai’s surrogate, while Pakhi gets elated and then both goes to visit the gynaecologist.

Bhavani learns that Pakhi can conceive the baby easily, but then questions the doctor about surrogacy. The doctor replies that Pakhi is not eligible for it, as she needs to be already a mother in order to become a surrogate. Where, Sai talks with her patient and she shows her gratitude towards Sai for saving her husband.

Further, the lady proclaims to help Sai by becoming her surrogate, while the latter gets elated. She notify Virat about a surprise, whereas Pakhi visits the police station to meet Virat. Sai thanks the lady for helping her. Meanwhile, Pakhi shares her emotions with Virat and tells that she just wanted to help him and Sai. He tries to make her understand about Sai’s intentions, while she tells that she have a motive behind helping them, while he becomes shocked.

Precap:- Pakhi gets restless and tells Virat that she is eligible to carry his and Sai’s child. She insists him to give a chance to her and cries in front of him. She holds his hand and begs him for his help, while he gets shocked by her act and tries to move away from her. At that time Pakhi comes there and gets furious seeing the scenario. She confronts Pakhi, while the latter leaves Virat’s hand.

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