Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 29th June 2022 Written Update: Pakhi’s shocking request to Virat


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 29th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pakhi sharing her emotions with Virat inside his office. She tries to manipulate him with her acting and notify her intention of helping him and Sai. She states that she has planned to move on in her relationship with Samrat, but due to the tragic incident, she lost her everything. She tells that she wants to relive her dreams of having a baby by helping Virat and Sai. She clearifies that she doesn’t have any bad intentions and just wanted to have a feeling of becoming a mother. She insists Virat to agree to her decision and convince Sai also for it, while the latter shows his sympathy towards Pakhi.

Here, Virat tells that he can understand Pakhi’s perspective but proclaims that he can’t be able to force Sai regarding the decision. He proclaims that he have given Sai the decision to choose their surrogate, while Pakhi holds his hand and keeps requesting him. He tries to remove his hand from her, while at that time Sai comes there and gets shocked seeing the scenario.

Sai shouts at Pakhi and the latter immediately leaves Virat’s hand. Sai accuses Pakhi for trying to get close to her husband and states that she have seen true colours of Pakhi. The latter gets mad at Sai and ask her to stop. She denies all the allegations of Sai and states that she was just requesting Virat. Sai questions Pakhi for meeting Virat alone, to which she tells that she wanted to have a conversation with him.

Elsewhere, Virat stops Sai from pointing out at Pakhi’s character and tells the the latter was just talking about being their surrogate. Sai gets furious and reminds Pakhi about her decision. She proclaims that she won’t accept Pakhi as their surrogate, while the latter question if she changed her decision to have a child? To which Sai replies that she already found a surrogate who is ready to help them.

Sai notify Virat about Geeta and tells that she can become their surrogate. She shows her excitement, while Virat also gets happy. Pakhi gets jealous of them and goes away from there. Whereas, Virat and Sai returns back to their house. Virat shows his enthusiasm thinking about their child, while Sai states that soon they will be blessed with one.

Ahead, Bhavani enters their room along with Pakhi and confronts them about Geeta. She proclaims to meet her before approving her to become the surrogate of Sai and Virat. Sai looks at Pakhi and gets furious. She tells Bhavani that she won’t change her decision and won’t let Bhavani meet Geeta. The latter gets shocked by Sai’s behaviour and rebukes her. She starts shouting at Sai and insults her.

Sai puts a finger on Pakhi’s character, while the latter justifies that she just went to meet Virat, in order to talk about becoming his surrogate. Ninad shows his support towards Pakhi’s decision, while Ashwini gets shocked. He also tells that the final decision will be of Virat and Sai’s only. Meanwhile, Bhavani tells that she went to the doctor with Pakhi and proclaims that the latter is fit to bear the child.

Further, Saloni tells that Pakhi isn’t eligible to become a surrogate, while Bhavani dismisses it and states that they will consult best doctors. Sai gets furious and lashes out at Bhavani and Pakhi. She stays firm on her decision that Pakhi won’t become her surrogate. Whereas, Virat supports Sai and then goes to convince Bhavani, but the latter shows her concern towards Virat.

Precap:- Sai and Virat along with Geeta meets the doctor and talks about the surrogacy. The doctor approves Geeta to be healthy and fit to become a surrogate and states that they can start the procedure, if Virat and Sai are ready. They both gets excited and Virat replies that he don’t have any queries regarding Geeta and gives the permission to start the procedure to the doctor. Whereas, Pakhi keeps an eye on them and sees Geeta. She decides to convince her to back out. She proclaims that only she can give birth to Virat’s child.

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