Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 29th March 2022 Written Update: Ashwini shows her gratitude towards Sai


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 29th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai looking at Virat and gets sad as he doesn’t talks to her. She gets disheartened, while Sunny confronts her about the matter, to which she complains that Virat could have talked to her once. She states that he isn’t even looking at her, while Sunny gives an idea to Sai. He shows the Bhang packet to her and says that it will fulfill all her wishes. She gets excited and shows her gratitude towards him. She ask him to give it to Virat, while he denies stating that Virat won’t take it from him, as he don’t trust him with this. He tells how he use to trick Virat to drink Bhang each year and so latter doesn’t trust him regarding it anymore. Whereas, they keeps thinking about how to make Virta drink it.

Here, Sai takes the Bhang packet and goes towards the cook. She somehow manages to trick him and gets access inside the cooking area. Meanwhile, she mixes the Bhang inside the dough of sweets and the cook prepares food with it, without realising that it is mixed with Bhang.

Sai takes the sweets and goes towards Virat, while Ashwini’s comes in between them. She confronts Sai and declares that she is still upset with her and will not forgive her so soon, but tells that she is grateful to Sai for bringing Virat to the Holi celebration. She shows her gratitude towards Sai for completing their holi. Whereas, Sai takes the benifit of the oppertunity and gives the sweet plate to Ashwini asking her to feed Virat as it’s his favourite.

Elsewhere, Ashwini was about to go towards Virat when Bhavani stops her and both discuss about Virat being in the celebration. She was about to eat the sweet but Sai notices it and immediately takes it away from them. She sees Viet waiting to eat his favourite sweet and goes towards him.

Sai gives Virat the sweets mixed with Bhang while he takes it happily. He eats it and gets dizzy. At that time Sunny also joins them and Virat starts laughing. He talks funny, while Sai and Sunny smiles looking at each other. Whereas, Bhavani along with others sees Virat being comfortable with Sai and mocks her. Meanwhile, Mohit gets happy for his brother.

Ahead, Pakhi becomes furious and glares at Sai while Sonali and Karishma mocks her. She gets frustrated while Samrat confronts her and was about to put colour when she skips away from him, stating that she is worried about Virat. Samrat says that he is with Pakhi , while she does pay attention towards him and takes out the Bhang which she had and smirks looking at Sai.

Pakhi goes towards the drink corner and ask the man to prepare some drinks. She then mixes bhang in Sai’s drink and plans to embarrass her. Whereas, Devyani was about to take the sweet mixed with Bhang, when Sai stops her and signals about it. Meanwhile, Pulkit comes there and wishes Devyani for their marriage anniversary.

Further, Devyani shows her gratitude towards Sai for getting her married with Pulkit and them they gets busy in their conversation. At that time Pakhi comes there with the drinks and serves them along with Virat. Sai feels suspicious about her but still takes the drink. Meanwhile, Pakhi smirks thinking about her plan.

Precap:- Pakhi tries to take Virat inside his room, while he demands to have sweets from Ashwini. She makes him under that he had already eaten several sweets, while he being in effect of Bhang denies having it. Pakhi tries to take him away from Sai, while latter stops Virat and ask Pakhi to stay away. Virat also says that he wants to play Holi with Sai. Bhavani signals Samrat, while latter along with Pakhi takes Virat away. Whereas, Sai also being in effect of Bhang determines to stop Virat.

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