Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 2nd June 2022 Written Update: Jagtap tries to assault Sai


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 2nd June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Jagtap entering inside Chavans house and declares to marry Sai. Whereas, Bhavani comes forward and scolds him for his misbehavior. He pushes her being frustrated with her dialogues, while everyone gets concerned for her. Sai scolds Jagtap and ask him to leave from her house, but he proclaims to marry her at any cost. She says that she will never agrees to his demand, while he laughs and challenges to get her. Whereas, Vitthal also smirks and says that he will fulfill all the wishes of his son. Samrat gets furious seeing them and confronts Jagtap.

Here, Samrat holds Jagtap’s neck and proclaims to teach him a lesson. Jagtap’s men’s comes forward and separates Smarat from him. They points gun at Samrat, while Pakhi along with others gets worried for him. Jagtap declares that he won’t leave from there without taking Sai along with him.

Sai gets furious at Jagtap, while he brings his gun out. He declares to kill each and every family members of the Chavans, while Sai gets concerned for her family. She was about to go towards Jagtap, when Bhavani stops her and faces him. She declares that they won’t let Jagtap take away Sai and will protect her.

Elsewhere, Karishma and Pakhi gets tensed seeing the scenario. Mansi’s health deteriorates, while Pakhi tries to make her calm. Jagtap doesn’t let them go to the hospital, while others gets worried for her. Sai declares that she will never go to jagtap, while the latter gets irked and says that he will do anything to marry her.

Sunny takes Virat to meet Mr. Kamat. He tells that Jagtap has troubled him also and so he wants to help Virat in his matter. Mr. Kamat tells Virat about his fight with Jagtap and offers money to help him. Virat denies to take it, while Sunny forces him stating that he can help Sai in her case. Mr. Kamat also insists Virat, while the latter takes it.

Ahead, Inspector Kadam comes there with his police team and arrests Virat for taking bribe from Kamat. Virat tries to clearify himself, while Mr. Kamat lies and puts allegations against Virat. Sunny and Virat gets shocked seeing it, while Kadam puts Virat inside the jail.

Sai accuses to expose Vitthal and his son. She records a video stating that Vitthal is trying to force her to marry his son, while the latter gets scared about his reputation and takes Jagtap away from there. Whereas, Pakhi immediately takes Mansi to the hospital. At that time Virat calls Sai and ask her to calm down. He notify about his arrest while she gets shocked.

Further, Sai and Samrat visits Virat and assures to bring him out. She accuses herself for all the problems, while Virat assures her and ask to stay strong. Later, Jagtap gets inside Sai’s room and tries to force her. She shouts for help, while Chavans gets worried and rushes towards her room. Samrat breaks the door and gets hold of Jagtap. He starts beating him and rebukes for his action.

Precap:- Omkar gets shocked seeing Jagtap’s condition after getting beaten by Samrat. He asks Bhavani to admit him to the hospital orelse he will die and Samrat will have to end up inside the jail. Whereas, Bhavani gets worried and ask Samrat to take Jagtap to the hospital, but the latter stands there being silent.

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