Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Story : What excuse will Sai give for her absence from house?


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The Viewers are excited to watch the new episodes of Holi as it is filled with romantic colors or Virat and Sai’s life and we are excited to find out what colors it adds in Virat and Sai’s life.

Virat asks Ashwini why is she so tensed and why are her eyes red? Ashwini tells she didn’t sleep whole night because Sai went out last night and hasn’t returned till now. Sai comes down from her room and is excited to see Virat. Usha lies that Sai was not well so she slept in her room last night.Sai thinks she promised Pulkit not to tell the truth to everyone. Sai tells Virat I went to help a friend who was in trouble and then I slept early last night.

Bhavani tells Sai you lied so beautifully. Sai tells gaining someone’s trust and cheating with them should be learned from Bhavani. She asks why did you free Pulkit last night? Bhavani acts like she has no idea what Sai is talking about.Virat pranks Sai and later gifts her bangles.Virat apologizes to Sai for his behavior and asks her to forgive him for that. Sai tells she has forgiven him and hopes Virat will forgive her for what she is about to do.

In the upcoming Holi grandweek grand celebration of Holi begin at Chavan house. The promos shows Virat running after Sai with colors romantically as Ghum hai Kisikey Pyaar Mai plays in BM.

What is Sai’s plan to unite Pulkit and Devyani? Kya rango ke tyohar mai hoga Pyaar ka izhaar?

Watch the episode of this grandweek with all new fun filled romantic Holi special episodes of Ghum hai Kiskey Pyaar mai only on Hotstar and Starplus.