Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Story : Will Sai finally find out the truth about Pulkit’s kidnapping?


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The viewers are hooked to the show to find out how Sai finds about Pulkit’s kidnap and saves him,keep watching the latest episodes to find out.

Pulkit manages to bring his phone inside his cage with great difficulty using his legs. Pulkit looks at texts sent to Sai from his phone and realizes he had been kidnapped to prove him fraud and realizes he has been kidnapped by Chavan family. Pulkit thinks Sai wouldn’t believe another text from him so he sends her a video. Sai gets a video message from Pulkit and finally finds out that Pulkit has been kidnapped. The kidnappers find out that Pulkit has his phone. Sai decides to show the video to Bhavani and tell her that Pulkit didn’t run away instead he has been kidnapped. Dadu deletes the videos from Pulkit and Sai’s phone.

Sai overhears Ninad talking with the kidnapper. Dadu tells Ninad that Pulkit sent a video message to Sai. Bhavani says if Sai saw those videos our game would be over. Dadu tells I have deleted those messages. Ninad hopes that Sai might not have seen the messages sent by Pulkit. Omkar asks and what if she has seen them? Bhavani looks outside the room and tells I will go to Sai’s room and find out if she knows anything. Omkar and Ninad follow Bhavani. Sai is sitting scared in a corner.

In the upcoming episode Bhavani cannot find Sai in her room and thinks if Sai has found out the truth. Bhavani returns to her room and is shocked to see sitting there. Sai tells I know the truth and I got a message from Pulkit.

What is Sai going to do now?

What new plan does Bhavani have to save herself?

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