Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 10th March 2023 Written Update: Bhavani advises Ashwini


The episode starts with Sonali saying to Bhavani and Ashwini that Virat held Sai’s hand and performed graha pravesh with her, and now Sai will perform 1st kitchen ritual also. Pakhi gets enraged. She tries to clear the foot marks left by Sai but it won’t happen. Karishma says why you’re trying to remove the foot marks of Sai as she entered everywhere in your life. Pakhi cries.

Vinayak tells Savi that the outhouse is good and previously it was a storeroom. Savi says they made it beautiful. She asks why he is not coming to her. Vinayak says he is scared that her mom may take him away from his mom. Savi says she won’t do it as she bought me here. Vinayak looks on. Savi asks why the speaker is not working. They open it but they didn’t understand anything seeing the bomb. They close the speaker again and then it starts working. Savi asks Vinayak to give her the speaker. Vinayak says it’s heavy so I will handle it. Savi says he has to give her if it stops working again. Vinayak again. Ajay tells his mem that they will get good news soon.

In the kitchen, Virat tries to go closer to Sai. Sai warns him to stay far away. He makes her smile with his acts. Sai asks him to tell her the recipe. Virat agrees. Pakhi comes there and asks Sai to get out of her house right now as it’s her husband and her house. Virat asks Pakhi how dare she enter his house and create a scene. He asks Sai how she can tolerate if this woman is calming her right on her husband, and she should give a befitting reply to this woman.

Sai tells Pakhi that Virat is inebriated so he won’t understand anything so it’s good to wait. Pakhi smiles and says you’re using the situation and you’re enjoying it when Virat claims you as his wife and showers love on you. Sai says I’m back for my Vinayak and I’m not interested in entering in your and Virat’s life so let me prepare Karanji. Pakhi leaves. Sai prepares tea.

Vinayak and Savi dance happily. Vinayak tries to hold the speaker but it’s very hot so he drops it. He says something is wrong with the speaker. Savi says nothing is wrong and we can hold it with a cloth. She sets it then they again start dancing. Karishma comes there and tells them outside dance competition is happening for kids and takes them outside.

While cooking Karanji Sai burns her finger. Virat cares for her and places her finger in his mouth. Sai lost in his care. Virat says sorry to trouble you but I always want you to happy and I never want to hurt you and sorry for making you get hurt. He hugs her in years. Sai is about to respond to the hug but she stops herself. Virat falls down. Sai takes him to his room. Virat says this is the best holi of his life. Bhavani asks Ashwini to see the happiness of Virat. Ashwini says you’re seeing Virat’s happiness but I’m seeing the sadness of Pakhi which doesn’t matter to you. Bhavani says if Virat and Sai reunite then they will change Vinayak too then they can live like a happy family and their happiness will make this family happy. She asks Ashwini to tell what she will do if she is in her position and if 4 people’s happiness or 1 person’s happiness matters to her. Ashwini looks on. Bhavani says these decisions are made by heart so think for family happiness and it’s good if Virat leaves Pakhi.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sai falls on Virat while making him sleep. Virat asks her if she is not missing him like he is missing her. He says he feels suffocated when she is not with him and requests her to not leave him. Sai feels bad. She sees Virat and Pakhi’s photo frame and tries to leave and stops seeing Pakhi.