Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th March 2022 Written Update: Virat denies to meet his family


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat declaring that he is dead for his family, while Chavans gets shocked hearing him. Ashwini apologises for doubting him and begs to forgive her. He ask that why is she feeling pain when he is considering himself dead? He reminded his mother about her hurtful words. He states that she wished for his death and questions that why is she regretting it now? She gets heartbroken and blames herself to be the worst mother. She wishes for her death, while he stops her and ask that why she didn’t trusted him? He tells how she used to love him and questions that why she didn’t supported him when he needed her the most?

Here, Ninad also comes forward and ask Virat to give them a chance. He denies stating that his soul is already dead. He tells that they have just saved him physically, but mentally he is no more. Chavans feels hurt and cries. Whereas, Bhavani says that he didn’t told them about the truth and requests him to forgive them once.

Virat stays firm in his decision and taunts Samrat along with Mohit also. He remind how they used to threaten him and never shows their trust on him. He says that he needed his family at the difficult time, but they all betrayed him. He acts furiously and starts removing his drips. He continues to self harm himself, while his family gets shocked and calls the doctor being worried.

Elsewhere, Virat ask the doctor to send his family away. The doctor instructs nurse to keep everyone away from Virat, while she nods being understood. He orders the Chavans to go out of the cabin and starts treating Virat. Meanwhile, Ashwini bangs her head on the wall declaring that she is the worst mother and takes all the blame upon herself.

Bhavani ask Ashwini to stop and says that by her actions, she will also get admitted in the same hospital. Ashwini cries regretting her mistake, while Ninad consoles her. Meanwhile, DIG sir comes there along with Shruti being captive. They all gets confused seeing her, while DIG sir states that no one can change the fact that Sai saved Virat’s life. Bhavani gets irked hearing praises for Sai, while he tells that Virt is upset from his family for not being trusted and ask them to give sometime to him.

Ahead, Ashwini states that even DIG sir trusted Virat but she being a mother couldn’t able to have faith on her son. He replies that he was also sceptical, but he never could able to believe that Virat can stoop so low. Whereas, Shruti taunts them asking if they are happy after seeing her inside the jail. They all apologises to her, while she says that she isn’t angry with them as they didn’t know her. She questions how they couldn’t able to trust their own family member.

Shruti tells Chavans how Virat alwayssss use to worry about his family and haven’t told them truth, just to protect them from any problems. Bhavani along with others apologises to Shruti for accusing her. Whereas, Sai makes modaks for Virat and prays to god for him. She determines to get his forgiveness.

Further, DIG sir visits Virat and tags him to be their best officer. He ask him to get fit soon, so that he can join the department. Virat replies that he is already dead from inside, while DIG sir insists him to forget everything and start a fresh. Whereas, Virat insists DIG sir to free Shruti, while he replies that even Sai asked him about the same. He tells that Virat and Sai are perfect for each other and then notify him that how she risked her life to save him, to which Virat replies that she just saved him physically, because mentally he was already dead.

Precap:- Shruti meets Sai and boosts her with confidence. She ask her not to get demotivated with Chavans words, while latter shows her gratitude towards Shruti. Virat’s friend shows him the decorated car which comes for Virat and says that his family must have sended it to pick him up after discharge. Whereas, Sai comes out of the car in driver’s outfit, while Virat ask her to stay away from him and goes away. Sai smiles and determines to convince him.

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