Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th March 2023 Written Update: Sai receives a warning message from Ajay Kamble


The episode starts with Bhavani saying to Ashwini it’s time for Pakhi to leave Virat’s life and asking Ashwini to think from her point of view with a calm mind to understand what is good for their family. Ashwini agrees. Sai makes Virat sleep in bed. She is about to leave. Virat pulls Sai towards him. Both are lost in each other. Sai asks what’s he doing. Virat asks if she is not missing him like he is missing her. He says he feels suffocated without her, then why she leaves him alone always. He reminds her about the promises she gave him and how she proposed to him.

Sai and Virat recall their past moments with each other. Both get tears. Virat asks where her love for him has gone. He says love won’t die and it’s inside us and we both know it then why you’re leaving me without accepting your feelings? Virat falls asleep. Sai notices Virat and Pakhi’s photo. Sai says she can’t confess her love as situations are changed and we can never get back together as you married Pakhi so you lost right on me. She stands up and sees Pakhi.

Sai is about to leave. Pakhi says you’re desperate to enter the house without listening to my warning. She asks if won’t she has the shame to sleep on her bed with her husband. She says I hope you know what the world calls this type of woman. Sai shouts at Pakhi to stop her accusation and leaves. Virat calls Sai’s name in his sleepy state. Pakhi gets enraged. She breaks her photos with Virat and other things in the room. She breakdown into tears.

Sai receives a message from (Ajay Kamble’s) unknown number that in 15 minutes everything gets burned and turns to Ashes as I applied to your forehead. Vinayak and Sai dance with the other kids. Sai calls the number but she receives a message that the phone is switched off. Sai thinks it’s Ajay Kamble. She opens the front camera and sees Ash on her face in shock. She realizes how an unknown man applied it to her face.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sai runs to the event and asks everyone where is Vinu. Everyone says they don’t know about Vinayak. On another side, Vinayak repairs the speaker. Sai feels worried and enters the outhouse. She sees Vinayak with a bomb and calls Vinu. A sudden Bomb blast happens which shocks everyone.