Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 12th April 2023 Written Update: Virat thrashes Ajay


The episode starts with Pakhi crying badly recalling Virat and Sai’s moments in Holi. Sai gets Ajay Kamble’s message that within 5 minutes, everything will turn into ash like the one he smeared on her face. She thinks if it’s Ajay Kamble. She finds ash on her forehead and recalls a man smearing it on her forehead. She rushes to Virat and tries to wake him up. Pakhi asks why she is back. Sai says Ajay Kambls is here Nd he messaged me everything will turn into ash in 5minutes. Pakhi asks who is he. Sai says she doesn’t have time to tell her the story. She rushes out and alerts the constables.

On another side, Vinayak opens the music player and checks the bomb. Sai asks everyone about Vinu. They all say they don’t know. She rushes to Vinu’s room and finds him checking a bomb in a music player. Sai shouts Vinu. Virat wakes up from his sleep hearing a bomb blast. Everyone gets shocked hearing the bomb explosion sound and they rush there and see Sai and Vinayak. Virat says they hear an explosion sound and asks what happened. Vinayak reveals to everyone how Sai saved him. Virat asks who bought that bomb. Sai says Ajay Kamble. Virat asks how he entered the house breaking security. Sai says it’s Ajay Kamble and he sent a one-time message and came here as Dj. Virat says he won’t leave him and leaves taking his vehicle. Sai and Mohit follow him in another car.

Virat learns about Ajay in his house and goes to his place. Virat thrashes Ajay for trying to kill his family. Varsha tries to stop Virat. Virat says he is my culprit and why he has to leave him. Varsha says he is my culprit and if anyone has the right to punish him that’s me. She slaps Ajay for treating her badly. Ajay shouts at her. Varsha warns him to stay calm and asks Virat to give her permission to arrest Ajay as his sins are full now. Virat gives her permission. He warns Ajay to never think to harm his family.

Episode ends.

Precap – Virat says Sai won’t go anywhere. He holds Sai’s hand. Bhavani feels happy. Pakhi looks upset. Virat says he can’t let Sai leave even if the family members want.