Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 14th March 2022 Written Update: Virat puts a shocking condition before Ashwini


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 14th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Ashwini begging Virat to return back to Chavan Niwas, while he couldn’t able to see her hurt and agrees to fulfill her demand. Samrat and Ashwini gets elated and hugs Virat, pouring their emotions out. Whereas, Sai also comes there along with Pulkit to convince Virat but stopped seeing Ashwini and his moment. Sai says that they shouldn’t disturb them, while Pulkit states that it is good that finally Virat started forgiving them. At that time Virat breaks the hug and says that he can never forgive them. He states that he just agreed to go with her because he can’t see her hurt. He accepts that his mother had done a lot for him and says that he can never hate her for anything.

Here, Virat keeps a condition for returning back to this house and says that he will stay alone and won’t talk to anyone inside the house. He declares that no one will disturb him and he won’t share any conversation with the family. Ashwini gets shocked while Samrat tries to interrupt Virat.

Samrat tries to convince his brother to drop his condition, but latter says that without the acceptance of his condition, he won’t go inside the Chavan Niwas. Sai also gets shocked hearing his demand, while Pulkit doesn’t like Virat’s attitude, to which Sai notify him that behind this anger of Virat there is much more love for his family. She says that he is just trying to hide his pain behind his emotionless face.

Elsewhere, Sai tells that Virat is really hurt and gets emotional for him. She determines to get apology from him, whole Pulkit questions that how she will enter inside Chawan Niwas? To which she smiles telling that she will have to go inside the house as she can’t leave Virat alone. She declares that she will follow Virta wherever he goes.

Virat says that he never wanted to face his family again, but Ashwini’s tears made him weak. He says that he can never disobey her and proclaims that she only have two options, either to agree to his condition or let him stay in his apartment. Ashwini breaksdown, but then takes a decision stating that she can’t go without him. She agrees to fulfill his condition.

Ahead, Chavans gets worried thinking about Virat. They discuss how he left the hospital without informing anyone. Meanwhile, Devyani consoles Mansi, whereas latter feels bad for her. Sonali also becomes worried, while at that time Virat comes there along with Ashwini and Samrat.

Chavans gets elated upon seeing Virat and welcomes him lovingly. The shows all their love towards him, while he stands their being emotionless. He declares that he can never forget their distrust, while Ninad explains that it was all a misunderstanding. Whereas, Virat notify them about his condition. He says that if they don’t agree to him then he will leave, to which Bhavani stops him and invites for the Holika Dahan function.

Further, Pakhi shows her concern towards Virat and prays to get back to him. She helps him to climb the ladders while Samrat notices her intentions. Later, in the function he confronts her while she says that she was just trying to help Virat. Meanwhile, Bhavani declares to burn all their bad memories inside the Holika fire, whereas Sonali states that they will also burn all the bad memories of Sai. Meanwhile, Sai comes there to join the celebration, while Chavans gets shocked.

Precap:- Omkar ask Virat to fire the Holika, so that all the negativity energy around him will burn. He indirectly taunts Sai, while she joins Virat while doing it. Pakhi mocks Sai, while latter gives a befitting reply to her. Whereas, Pakhi gets furious and was about to slap Sai, when latter holds her hands and stopped her.

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