Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 22nd January 2023 Written Update: Sai helps Vinayak to rebuild his clay house


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 22nd January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat telling his family about the truth of Vikrant. He proclaims that the latter belongs to the opposite political party and so trapped Karishma in his ploy to harm Bhavani’s political career. The latter gets shocked learning about it while Omkar blames everything on Bhavani and says that because of her Mohit and Karishma has went through so much. The latter takes a stand for herself and ask Virat about the proof that Karishma is innocent and didn’t had any affair with Vikrant. He shows the pictures and proclaims that Karishma was just trying to get Mohit’s attention and she only loves him.

Here, Bhavani gets teary eyes and regrets her decision. She recalls how she rebuked Karishma and feels bad for the latter. Meanwhile, Virat calls the police and makes them arrest Vikrant. He sends the latter into the jail for his ill deeds. He also tells about all the sufferings of Karishma and insists them to think about her.

Sonali cries and recalls how happy mohit and Karishma were. She says that they used to be so much in love and breaks down stating that how they got separated. Omkar and Bhavani tries to console her while she regret accusing Karishma for having an affair with Vikrant. She says that the latter will never return back to them, after what they did to her.

Elsewhere, Virat consoles Sonali and assures that Karishma will understand their situation. They look at the door and sees her standing along with Mohit. She comes forward and meets Sonali. She apologises to everyone for her childishness and assures that she won’t repeat her mistake while Sonali immediately hugs her.

Sonali showers her love towards Karishma and asks sorry for not trusting her. She then meets Omkar and then moves towards Bhavani. She couldn’t able to meet her eyes with the latter and cries while Bhavani consoles her and hugs her stating that it was her mistake also that she couldn’t able to protect the latter.

Ahead, Karishma decides to reveal the whole truth and tells them that she was pregnant. They all gets elated and starts congratulating her but she stops them and cries telling about her miscarriage. Sonali again breaks down and and feels bad for Karishma. Pakhi also cries and then they all gets together as a family.

Sai went to Vinayak’s school and sees him studying. She keeps staring at him while he also gets elated upon seeing her. He rushes to her on the break time and questions about her visit. She says that she came to surprise him. Savi also comes there and Sai takes them aside. She makes them feed her handmade food and enjoys the quality time with both the kids.

Further, Sai ask Vinayak to bring his clay house which got destroyed by her. She assures that she will fix it and does the same. He gets happy and says that she is the best. At that time Pakhi comes there and gets furious upon seeing Sai with Vinayak. She ask her to look after their own child and takes Vinayak away from there. Whereas, Sai looks at the time and proclaims that only 40 hours is left and then she will take her son back.

Precap:- Vinayak wins an award and tells about it to his family. Pakhi and Sai along with Virat gets happy for him and starts clapping. Vinayak says that he wants to dedicate his trophy to his mother. He looks at Sai and Pakhi, while they smiles and starts moving towards him. Virat looks at them and gets worried. He thinks that he haven’t told Pakhi that Vinayak is Sai’s son and becomes tensed thinking that what he will do?

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