Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 23rd March 2021 Written Update: Virat denies to celebrate Holi with Chavans


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 23rd March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai realising her feelings for Virat and goes inside their room. She comes out after taking a bath and sees Virat sleeping on the bed. She goes near him and admires his face. She states that how can anyone control themselves from falling in love with him after seeing his smile. She blushes hearing her own words and goes to get ready. She drapes saree around herself and keeps gazing at Virat “Tujh Sang Bair Lagaya Sajna” song plays. She adorns herself with jewelleries and then puts vermillion on her forehead. She smiles remembering their happy moments and wishes happy holi to Virat.

Here, Sai goes near Virat and puts colour on her face. She then bends down and sensuously applies colour to his cheeks with her own. She keeps looking at his face and determines to get his love along with his forgiveness. Whereas, she sees him moving and hurridly rushes from there, after hiding the colour plate under the bed.

Virat wakes up feeling something on his face and touches it to find colour on his cheeks. He gets furious and shouts Sai’s name. She bites her tongue being caught but acts confidently and goes towards him. She scolds him for screaming her name and ask about the matter, to which he shows his cheeks to her and blames her for putting colour on him.

Elsewhere, Sai lies that she haven’t done it and states that she was just trying to wipe it off from his face. He glares at her and states that he can see colour on her cheeks also and warns her not to act smart in front of him. He ask her to stay away from him.

Devyani excitedly comes inside Virat’s room and wishes them happy holi. Sai signals towards her to save her, while latter lies to Virat that it was her who have putted colours on his cheeks. He looks at her being confused, while Sai smiles showing her gratitude towards Devyani. Whereas, Virat notices something in between Sai and his sister. He confronts them asking if Devyani have forgiven Sai? To which latter nods positively, stating that Sai is her sister-in-law and she can’t stay angry at her for long time.

Ahead, Sai and Devyani hugs eachother. Virat still suspects Sai and keeps questioning her. She rushes away from there asking him to stop his interrogation. Whereas, he finds the colour plate under the bed and glares at disappearing figure of Sai.

Pakhi sees Sai with a bad and ask if she is leaving the house. She shows her excitement upon Sai’s leaving, while latter gives her a befitting reply. Sai says that the happiest day will be when Pakhi will go away from their life. She taunts Pakhi to keep an eye on Virat, in front of her own husband Samrat. Pakhi gets furious at Sai and then goes in front of the Chavans and lies that Sai troubled Virat a lot. They all gets angry at Sai and taunted her, whereas she takes a stand for herself.

Further, Devyani comes there and Ashwini insists her to bring Virat down to celebrate Holi with them, while she denies stating that he doesn’t want to join the celebration and ask the family members not to force him. Whereas, Ninad mocks Sai and she replies that they should pray for her and Virat to reconcile. She says that one day she will surely get his forgiveness and they will be together. On the other hand, Virat talks to Sai’s father’s potrait and complains about Sai. He says that he can never forgive her and reminds that she is almost a doctor and plans to leave her.

Precap:- Virat accepts his feelings towards Sai and talks to himself stating that there was a time when he wanted to express his love to Sai. He remembers how he planned all the surprises for her and says that he couldn’t able to live without her. He proclaims that now he don’t even want to see her face. He admits that when she comes near him, one side he wants to hug her and other side he wants to punish her. He says that he can never forgive Sai and states that their relationship will never work out. Whereas, Sai prays in front of god to get Virat’s forgiveness.

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