Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 6th April 2022 Written Update: Virat shares his pain with Sunny


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 6th April 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai requesting Chavans to let her treat Virat as she knows about physiotherapy treatment. But, they denies asking her to stay away from him. Pakhi rebukes Sai and declares that she have already troubled Virat a lot and now they won’t let her go near him. Omkar and Samrat tries to find doctors, but couldn’t able to contact anyone due to the festival holiday. Ashwini gets worried as Virat’s pain intensifies. She becomes scared for him and says that they have to do something. Sai requests them not to waste time and let her help Virat, but Pakhi stays adamant on her decision and prohibits Sai from entering Virat’s room.

Here, Pakhi taunts Samrat as he couldn’t able to find a physiotherapist for Virat. He agrees to take Sai’s help, while Pakhi glares at him and asking not to forget about Sai’s deeds. Virat gets confused in between Sai and Pakhi as both are against eachother, while Ashwini says that they should consider to take Sai’s help.

Pakhi gets mad at Ashwini and questions if she forgot about the trouble caused by Sai? To which Ashwini replies that she remembers everything, but she can’t see her son in pain. She says that she can take anyone’s help, who can relieve Virat’s pain. She cries seeing his situation and asks the family members to take the decision as soon as possible.

Elsewhere, Bhavani tells that they can contact her physiotherapist, while everyone agrees. Omkar calls her but she doesn’t picks the phone. He states that she must be busy celebrating Holi. They all gets tensed for Virat and so without having any other solution, agrees for Sai to treat him. She assures that she will behave professionally towards Virat, but still Pakhi looks mad at her.

Sunny sees Virat suffering from immense pain and tries to compress him hand to relieve the pain. He then insists Virat to take Sai’s help as she knows about physiotherapy, to which the latter denies and stays firm on his decision of not taking any help from Sai. Sunny scolds Virat and ask to forget about the past. He says that Sai have done so much for the betterment of Virat and ask him to give her a chance.

Ahead, Virat shares his pain with Sunny stating that how she have broken his feelings and trust. He declares that he won’t ever be able to forget her allegations. Meanwhile, Ashwini notify Virat about Sai doing his treatment. She says that they tried a lot but couldn’t able to find any other doctor. Virat denies to let Sai come near him, while Ashwini emotionally convince him. Sai introduces herself formally to Virat and tells that he can even pay for her work.

Sai asks Chavans to go out of the room and starts Virat’s treatment. She couldn’t able to find any equipment and so tied dupatta around Virat to give him support. She notify him that he will feel pain and discomfort, but ask him to stay strong. She starts her procedure while he gets lost in her. Whereas, Pakhi keeps thinking about Virat and Sai.

Further, Pakhi remembers the holi celebration and gets furious thinking about Virat’s closeness with Sai. At that time Samrat comes there and tries to get close to Pakhi, but she backs off. She starts making some excuses and talks about Virat, to which Samrat gets irked and moves away from her. Meanwhile, Sai brings Virat back to his senses and completes his treatment. Whereas, he rebukes her for asking questions to him.

Precap:- Sai tells that there is a way to learn English in 15 days. Then, she says that there is also a book to teach how to operate kidneys, as well as how to eat chowmin in space. But, gets sad complaining that there isn’t anyone to teach her how to pacify her husband. She gets unhappy while at that time she receives an unknown call. She becomes elated after talking to the unknown person.

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