Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 9th March 2023 Written Update: Pakhi feels furious with Virat actions


The episode starts with Sai asking Virat to open the handcuffs as everyone is seeing us. Virat says let them see, I didn’t hold your hand to leave it and we are connected to 7 births so I won’t leave you. Pulkit comes there and questions Virat about what’s he doing. Virat says I arrested your sister as she is not listening to her husband. Pulkit asks their husband? He asks if he drank bhang. Virat says he didn’t drink. Sai says she understood why he is doing it. She asks him what he wants.

Virat asks everyone ‘will their wives questions ask what they want’. Ninad says his wife orders him. Om says his wife feels jealous when he praises other lady beauty and she didn’t understand its art. Sonali gets angry. Mohit says I love my Karu baby and I will listen to her. Karishma closes his mouth before he reveals their secrets.

Virat says my wife is asking me so I will tell her what I want. Virat tells Sai that he wants to play Holi with her. He asks him to apply colour to him. He asks where is Savi? He says Savi asked you to apply color to me but you didn’t so I won’t release you until you apply color to me. Sai asks him to stop his blackmail. Virat says he won’t and asks Dj to play the song. Mohit says don’t know where this Dj guy went. Vinayak says he is there to take the Dj role and plays the song in the speaker he got a gift. Virat dances with Sai and tells her through the song he won’t leave her. Bhavani feels happy. Pakhi and Ashwini look unhappy.

Sai stops Virat and agrees to apply colour to him. Virat calls Savi to witness it. Savi comes there. Sai applies colour to Virat’s cheek. Virat feels happy. She asks him to release her. Virat says he too wants to apply colour to her. Virat smears red colour on Sai’s mang. Ashwini and Pakhi don’t like it. Pakhi shouts at Virat to end the drama. She tried to search key in his pocket. Virat tells her it’s wrong to touch other men and I will arrest you if you repeat the mistake. Sai sends the kids inside. Pakhi holds Virat’s collar and tells him that she is his wife and asks him to end the drama. She takes the key and frees Sai from Virat. Sai is about to leave. Virat stops holding her hand. Sai asks him to not create drama.

Virat says playing holi with his wife is not wrong and what’s the problem with it? He asks her to wait. He whistles. Constable gives him a candy gloss bouquet. Virat tells Sai he bought a coloured candy floss bouquet for her and tells her the meaning of colours. Sai takes it and asks him to end the drama. Virat says he wants return gift. Sai asks what he wants. Virat asks if they want anything. Ninad and Om say they want elaichi tea. Virat asks her to prepare it but Sai leaves. Ninad says his wife is not listening to him. Mohit gives him one more glass of bhang.

Virat drinks it. He goes behind Sai and requests her to prepare tea for her husband’s respect. Sai says she is not his wife. Virat asks her to not say it and requests her to prepare it. Sai agrees and is about to go to out house but He takes Sai inside the house forcefully. Sai places her feet on red colour and leaves foot marks like a new bride. Sonali says to Ashwini ‘Virat applied color like he filled the mang and now he does grihpravesh with Sai and went to Kitchen to do the rasoi ritual’. Pakhi feels bad.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pakhi warns Sai to leave the house and says Virat is my husband and this house belongs to me and if he wants anything then I will prepare it for him. Virat asks Pakhi why she comes inside and argues with his wife. He asks Sai to tell Pakhi that he is her husband.