Ghum Hain Kisike Pyaar mein Upcoming Story: Pakhi to create differences between Sai and Virat


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Star Plus’ show Ghum Hain Kisike Pyaar mein is seeing a a major change seeing Sai returning to Chavan mansion after her accident. Previously, we have seen that Sai is now thinking her relationship with Virat to be more than just friends. With the new promo where, Virat is acting bit distance from Sai, whereas Sai thinks to take their relationship to next level makes the viewers confused of what is stored for them. In the promo we also see Pakhi creating doubts regarding Virat in the mind of Sai. There are many expectations from the show kept by the viewers, but only time will tell if the expectations meets the reality.

In the current track, Pakhi tries her ways to get near to Viray but all in vain. Next day, when Virat and Sai are about to go for shopping. Sonali and Om make a fuss. Ashwini and Ninad try to explain it to all but no one listens and fights over going for shopping. Later, in the market Virat sees a man whom he thinks he knows. He gets into thinking. Sadanand sees Viray and thinks he can’t talk to his friend because of the situation he is in and goes. Here, Police is looking for the criminal.

Ashwini takes Virat and Sai to their family jeweller where it is revealed that Ashwini made two rings from her jewellery for Virat and Sai. They exchange rings. Later, they find a lost baby and take care of her till the time her parents came. Ashwini gets happy seeing them together. Virat and Sai spend some alone time in terrace with tea. Virat remembers old days. Pakhi watches this and feels what is Sai trying to do. Later, Sai goes outside, Bhavani asks Sai what she is doing outside. Pakhi taunts Sai.

Everyone prepares for Diwali where Karishma does the rangoli. Ashwini wishes for Sai and Virat to get close. Sai comes to Virat’s room with her luggage. Virat is happy. Sai sees Virat in his uniform and questions him. Virat remembers how DIG asked him to keep the mission a secret so he tells the same to Sai about mission confidentiality. Sai gets upset thinking it’s thier first Diwali together. Virat stops Sai from crying. They both go downstairs. There, Virat tells everyone about the urgent meeting and he also informs how Sai has decided to come to his room. Ashwini worries that Sai and Virat will stay away from each other during the mission and this might bring bad omen to them. Here, Pakhi thinks Sai and Virat are growing closer now.

Virat and Sai do the puja and then Sai goes to leave Virat. Everyone becomes emotional. Pakhi warns Sai that she came to Virat’s room for him but he left for his duty, and soon he wi find someone else and break the hopes he gave you like he did with my hopes. Sai feels upset. Later she dreams of her father and he tells her to believe in Virat and ignore Pakhi so Sai believes on Virat.

In the upcoming episodes, Devyaani will ask Sai why she agreed for Virat to go alone when she knows something bad can happen. Sai will worry and suddenly one of her bangle breaks and here a bomb will blast near Virat’s car.

Will Bhavani be able to bring Virat and Sai close? Will Virat and Sai confess to each other?

Who is coming back into Virat’s life? Will Pakhi create more troubles for Virat?