Gud Se Meetha Ishq 10th August 2022 Written Update: Pallavi questions Neel


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 10th August 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode, puja ki thali drops from Pallavi’s hand and she questions Kajal regarding Bhoomi’s comment. Jaidev comes there and asks what’s happening there. Bhoomi says that the mother and daughter duo are doing dramma, Kajal must have invited Pallavi so she came with all the villagers. Pallavi asks Bhoomi to not forget that these villagers worked their ass off during her wedding. Pallavi adds that Kajal has not invited her, she has full right to visit her daughter’s house. Jaidev asks her to leave as she has met her daughter already as he doesn’t want any problem during his son’s wedding ceremony.

Pallavi asks how is that possible as Neel and Kajal are already married. Neel comes there. Kajal tells him that Pallavi has come to meet her and will leave in a while. Pallavi reminds Neel that he married Kajal in presence of all the villagers then how can he marry again and what he is doing in groom’s outfit and why Kajal is wearing maid’s outfit. She says that she has raised Kajal alone so well that’s why Kajal is not saying anything to Neel but doesn’t Neel have any responsibility towards Kajal. Jaidev asks Pallavi to stop creating scenes as Neel and Kajal don’t have any relation ever. Pallavi says that Neel married Kajal Infront of all villagers.

She shows a document to him and others. She says that Jaidev doesn’t understand emotions but he must understand law being a lawyer. Pallavi says that Neel has cheated Kajal. Neel says that he never cheated Kajal as he married her solely to save her life. Pallavi says that they never asked Neel for any favour. Kajal tells Pallavi that Neel has no fault. Pallavi asks Kajal to keep quiet and let her speak. She says that she won’t let anyone snatch Kajal’s husband. Bhoomi says that Neel will never consider Kajal his wife. Pallavi says that Neel has to as Kajal’s sindoor may not matters to Khuranas but it matters to them and Kajal. Neel says that he applied that sindoor to stop Kajal’s life from spoiling.

Pallavi asks who will save Kajal as Neel is spoiling her life now. She says that a woman faces a lot when her husband abondon her. Jaidev says that woman like Pallavi are worthy to beg Infront of him. Kajal takes stand for Pallavi and says that she won’t accept if anyone misbehave with her mother. Neel asks Kajal not to insult his father. Neel’s mother asks Pallavi to leave with Kajal and the villagers. Jaidev says that such documents won’t help them and tears it into pieces. Dadi asks Kajal not to create problems in Neel’s wedding. Jaidev says that he will kick them out if they don’t leave.

Pallavi says that she won’t leave until Kajal gets her rights. She will drag Neel to the police station. Neel says that they should be greatful to him for saving Kajal’s life. Pari comes there and asks why she is scolding Neel. Villagers asks Pari to behave properly. Dev arrives there with his sister in law and elder brother. Pari says that she is getting angry and starts arguing loudly. Kajal asks her to come down. Dev’s sister in law and brother question him about Pari seeing her behaviour and asks him to reconsider his decision. Dev says that he is responsible for his decisions and will marry Pari only. Khuranas spot Dev and his family. The episode ends.

Precap – Jaidev asks Pallavi to leave. Pallavi says that whatever is right will occur. Police informs Khuranas that Pallavi has brought two documents and two eyewitnesses from the village one of whom is the head of the village. Pavitra and her parents come there and asks what’s happening.

In today’s episode, Pari requests Nutan to call Dev and asks him to come back. Nutan says that Dev will not return. She says that Dev can easily get married unlike Pari and Pari may stay unmarried forever. Nutan tells that now Dev will teach music to his wife not Pari. Neel’s mother says that now Dev’s wife will perform on stage and receive award not her. Pari says that she won’t let Dev marry anyone else. Kajal says that then Pari has only one option left. Dadi says that if Pari marry Dev, he will not marry anyone else. Pari asks Kajal for a favour and asks if she will help her. Kajal says that if she wants her to call Dev then she has to do it urgently otherwise Dev won’t come. Pari asks her to call and bring him anyhow and says that she won’t let him become anyone’s Raju. Nutan asks Pari if she is ready to marry Dev.

Neel tells Dev that none can be better groom for Pari as none can understand Pari better than Dev. Anyone can misunderstand her and give up on her unlike Dev. If Pari can take strong stand now, put forth her opinions then the credit goes to Dev. Neel receives a call from Kaju. Dev comes home. Pari says that she is ready to marry Dev. Everyone claps. Pari puts forth a condition. She says that she needs permission for two marriage. Dev asks Pari why she wants two marriage. Pari says that Dev married twice so she will do the same. Dev says ok then he will marry more number of times. Pari gets angry and asks to whom. Dev says that he will marry Pari everytime. Dev asks Pari to not change after marriage and follow her heart like now. He says that the only thing that will change after their marriage is that Dev will stay with her always. Pari smiles. Neel hugs Pari. Pari asks to play music and dance. Everyone dance.

Dev meets his sister in law. She says that she is very happy to see Dev. She asks him to freshen up as she will bring food. Dev says that he will not stay. Her sister in law says that Dev does not visit home, he sister can be responsible for it. Dev says that it’s nothing like that and he has a good news to share. He says that he is getting married. Dev says that the girl is Pari. He asks them to come and meet Pari. She changes her colour after Dev leaves. Kajal goes to Neel’s room to give him his marriage sherwani. Neel fails to spot Kajal’s sindoor. Kajal says that she has moved on and asks him to do the same. She leaves. Both Neel and Kajal cry separately. She says that she lied to Neel and prays Mahadev to give her strength.

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