Gud Se Meetha Ishq 13th July 2022 Written Update: Bhoomi provokes Pavitra against Kajal


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 13th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Neil and Kajal slowly trying to stand up after falling down and Neil noticing a throne is stuck at the leg of Kajal and he slowly takes that out. After that they tried to stand up but the area was too slippy and muddy due to rain that Neil and Kajal were unable to stand properly.

Somehow Neil and Kajal manage to walk and they try to find a way out and walk through the jungle. While walking they get to hear the sound of some wild animals and they feel scared and try to find a way out to get out of the jungle. While walking through the jungle, they got to hear some dangerous thunderstorms and also they realised that slowly the light of the day was fading out so they decided to take shelter in a warehouse.

While on the other hand, the family members along with Pavitra are trying to contact Neil and Kajal but they find Neil unreachable and the phone of Kajal is in the house. Being worried about it all, they decided to go along the path of Mathur’s house and try to find them. Bhoomi is not leaving a single chance to provoke Pavitra against Kajal and says she must be trying to get close to Neil by doing all sorts of trials and processes.

Here, Kajal and Neil come inside the warehouse and knock on the door of the warehouse but to their disappointment no one opens the door. Being helpless and almost bound to enter the room as it is raining outside and the light of the day is almost gone, Neil uses the hairpin of Kajal’s to unlock the door and enter the room.

While in the house, Pari is trying to dance on a song to celebrate the marriage alliance of her when Nutan comes and switches off the music system saying that they all are tensed about Neil and Kajal and should not grooves to any music as of now as it doesn’t look good and nice. She says to Pari that now she will get married within a few days and she has to learn some basic manners and etiquettes in a way to behave properly with concerned people.

However even after listening to everything Pari is still in her world and is not ready to pay attention to the words of her mother. She says to her mother that how will she behave after marriage with her husband and in-laws. Nutan sort of gets shocked after listening to the imagination of Pari and tells her if she behaves like this in her in-laws house then they will complain against her.

Neil and Kajal here enter the room and Neil tries to scare Kajal and she gets annoyed and says why are you bothering me for no reason. Neil asks her to calm down as they will spend the night in the room and next morning, they will go back home after finding out the way.

Precap – Pavitra enters the warehouse when Kajal is trying to put a blanket on Neil. She asks her what she is doing with Neil in a room and Kajal tries to explain to her. Pari told her mother that Kajal applies sindoor in her partition.

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