Gud Se Meetha Ishq 15th June 2022 Written Update: JD fetches a plan to send away Kajal from Khurana House


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 15th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with the neighbours asking the family members of the Khurana family. They said to JD what happened to you and your son ? He was such a good human being then what happened to him all off a sudden? Nutan comes forward in support of Neil and says to the neighbours that we have been living in this house for so many years and you all know how we are, so why are you asking us such questions?

She asks them to go back to their houses and she asks all to go inside. JD comes and starts to scold Kajal so badly and blames her for everything. Neil comes in between and says to his father all these don’t suit you, I respect you a lot. He said that Kajal will stay in this house only and asked Pari to take Kajal inside the house. Kajal feels overwhelmed with Neil’s protectiveness and behaviour. Pari takes Kajal inside and Neil is feeling frustrated thinking about everything that has happened.

Later Pari comes to Neil’s room and says to him that Kajal is not listening to her even after she made her understand everything. She told Neil everything that happened and said that she beats that jerk Phool a lot too but somehow Kajal is not understanding the point of hers.

Neil says to Pari that he is thankful as she did not let Phool take away pretty from the house and she protested to her full capacity. Please make Kajol understand that she should not leave the house like that and leave from there to let Neil and Kajal talk.

Neil says that you need to completely shrug off that thought of leaving the house in any situation. Kajal says to Neil, “I came to this house only one day earlier and so much has happened in between already. I don’t think I should risk the life and peace of your family and the cost of me.” She also said that from which rights and in which relation I should stay here?

Neil says to Kajal that you are my responsibility and you have to give me time so that I can give you a life where people like Phool Singh can not even enter or even come close to you. Also there is no relationship in this world bigger and better than friendship and you can use this right of being friend of mine to stay in this house and this right is given to you by me only so you don’t need to worry anymore.

Kajal understands his points and goes to sleep. Next morning, Pari is rehearsing for her song in the morning itself and Bhoomi gets up with the sound of her singing and gets annoyed. Kajal gives aarti to Pari and the entire house people. Later, JD fetches a plan to send away Kajal along with Phool from the house without anyone’s notice.

Precap – Kajal is going to the concert of Pari with her but JD stops her and says Neil will come to pick you up from the house. She left alone in the house.

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