Gud Se Meetha Ishq 17th September 2022 Written Update: Pari’s request to Chandni


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 17th September 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Pari tells Bhuli that Dev must have forgotten Dhruv’s birthday. She asks Bhuli to take her to Dev’s office. Bhuli says that she doesn’t have Dev’s office adress. Nimrit comes there. Pari asks her to take her to Dev’s office. Nimrit cries. Pari asks what happened to her. Nimrit says that Dev is busy so couldn’t come home. She proposes to drop Pari at Khurana house. Pari says no as she will go with Dev only as he made pinky promise to her. Nimrit says that Dev wanted to keep his promise but Chandni sent him behind the bars.

Pari gets shocked. Nimrit says that she met Dev at police station, their lawyer failed to get him bailed. She asks Pari to not worry and go to her brother’s birthday. Pari says that his uncle is a lawyer, he will definitely bring Dev out of jail. Nimrit thinks that if Pari’s parents learn about all these dramas they won’t let Pari return in Dev’s life. Pari leaves for Dhruv’s birthday with her. Everyone wishes happy birthday to Dhruv at party. They dance together. Nutan looks lost. Jaidev asks her what happened. Nutan says that she is unable to contact Pari or Dev.

Neel, Kajal enjoy themselves. While dancing, Pavitra hands over Kajal’s ring to Neel. Neel asks her about ring. Pavitra asks Neel to not discuss the matter with anyone. She says that Kajal mortgaged her ring and took 5000 rupees from her. Flashback shows that Sonia gave 5000 rupees to Neel for photography competition. Neel says that Kajal’s lend is his lend and he does like to keep lend. He forcefully gives the money to Pavitra as she looks disinterested to take it. Dev requests police to let him talk to his wife once. Police asks with whom Dev wants to talk to, 1st wife or 2nd wife. Kajal brings cake.

Nutan asks to wait for Pari and Dev. Bhumi tries to instigate Dhruv saying that his family cares for Pari more than him. Neel goes to call Dev’s office. Pari comes there crying. Nutan asks her what happened. Pari tells that police arrested Dev. She requests Jaidev to release Dev. He asks her what happened. Pari says that a bad woman did all these. She asks Jaidev to go with her immediately. Bhoomi asks everyone to wait for cake cutting. Pari doesn’t listen. Khuranas leave with Pari. Bhoomi complains about Khuranas for leaving with Pari forgetting Dhruv and his birthday. Dhruv gets tears.

Bhoomi says that she is there for him and asks him to cut the cake. Druv destroys the cake in anger and says that he doesn’t need anything from this family. Pavitra gets a idea. Pari reaches police station with Khuranas. Dev says sorry to everyone. They ask him to not worry. Jaidev gives assurance that he will release Dev. He talks to Police.

Pari denies to leave Dev, police separate them forcefully. Khuranas defend Dev infront of police. Pari blames Chandni. Police says that it’s hard to get bail for Dev as he is accused with domestic violence charges. She adds that Chandni taking her report back is the only solution left now.

Pari says that she will bring Chandni. She asks Kajal to take her to Chandni’s house. She, Neel and Kajal reach Chandni’s house. Pari wishes to talk to her. Chandi asks them to leave. Neel, Kajal request her to listen to Pari once. Pari says sorry to Chandni for misbehaving with her earlier. She requests her to asks police to leave Dev.

Chandni asks Pari to get lost as she doesn’t need advice from a mad girl. Pari requests Noor to convince Chandni. Chandni asks Noor to go upstairs. Kajal asks her to release Dev otherwise Noor may suffer more at school. Chandni says okay and wishes to talk to Pari alone. Kajal tries to object but Pari gets ready. Pari leaves Kajal’s hand and goes with Chandni.

Precap – Pari tells Dev that she has a surprise for him. Dev gets shocked seeing Chandni and Noor at Shergill house. Chandni tells Nimrit that after seeing Dev and Pari together she understood the value of having Dev. She wants Dev back.

In today’s episode, Police asks Noor what happened to her mother, why she called them. Noor replies that her father is shouting at, fighting with and troubling her mother. Dev gets shocked. Nimrit comes there and pretends to be unaware of everything. Police asks Noor to go to room. Nimrit asks Dev what was the need to come here. Dev says that he came to sort things out. He says that he has come after taking Chandni’s permission. Chandni keeps silent.

Nimrit asks him why he was fighting with Chandni. Dev says that Chandni was mocking Pari he just made her keep quiet. Nimrit informs Police that Pari is Dev’s second wife. Court ordered him to not meet his first wife Chandni after separation but he broke rules for Noor. She requests Police to spare Dev. Police says that they will arrest Dev for emotionally torturing Noor. Dev says that he didn’t do anything, asks her to enquire from Chandni. Nimrit supports him and asks Chandni to say that Dev is innocent. Chandni keeps quite. Police arrest Dev.

Nimrit asks him to not worry as she will come to release him. Sonia, Nutan discuss about the dishes to prepare for Dhruv’s birthday. Sonia asks Kajal to help them. Kajal obliges. Bhoomi goes to get ready. She learns that the theme of the party is flowery and gets irked. Nimrit criticizes Chandni for divorcing Dev and taking the settlement money. She informs her that now Dev earns way too much than earlier which Pari is exploiting. She also says that Noor won’t get anything as Pari will get everything Dev has. Nimrit asks Chandni to follow whatever she says.

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