Gud Se Meetha Ishq 19th August 2022 Written Update: Noor questions Dev


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 19th August 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Nimrit enjoys Pari’s misery. Dev stops the music and asks what’s happening. He runs towards Pari. Bhuli runs away. Pari says that her skin is itching badly. Dev criticises the ladies for not coming forward to help Pari. Dev takes Pari to the washroom and makes her stand below the shower. Pari cries in pain, Dev tries to calm her down. After a while, Pari calms down and plays with the water. Pari thanks Dev and hugs him. He applies oinment on Pari’s rashes. Pari looks sad. Dev asks her to share her thoughts with him.

Pari says that the ladies downstairs were really bad and they made fun of her. She tells Dev how they pointed out many flaws in Pari. Pari says that she didn’t like any of them so she doesn’t want to show her face to anyone. Pari asks Dev to promise her that he won’t attend anyone’s Muh Dikhai ritual. Pari sees herself in mirror and asks why her clothes are loose. Dev says that he gave Pari his Kurta in rush. He says sorry to Pari. Pari laughs and says that she is looking like bird. Dev says that he will go and bring food for Pari. He mentions about Jalebi. Pari asks him to go immediately. Dev gets shocked seeing Noor.

Kajal looks at Pari’s photo and manages her room. Neel comes there. He asks Kajal if everything is fine as she is not leaving Pari’s room since she left. Kajal says that she remembers Pari a lot. She says that Pari spent many years in this room, this room carries Pari’s memories. Kajal says that she is remembering Pari by managing her room. Neel helps Kajal. Kajal asks if Neel is going somewhere. Neel says that he is going to meet Pavitra. Noor runs downstairs and hugs Nimrit. She asks her who is at Dev’s room. Dev hugs her. Pari does the same and calls Noor lovely. Noor asks Dev about Pari. Pari says that her name is Mrs. Pari Dev Sir Shergill as she and Dev are married.

Noor asks Pari how can she marry her father. Neel asks Kajal to not get him wrong. He says that whatever happened to Pavitra was wrong and he is gonna say her sorry. Kajal says that Neel is right but what if situation gets worse. Neel says that he is not going alone, Kajal will accompany him. Neel says that it will give him courage to face Pavitra. Kajal agrees. Pari asks Noor why she is angry. Noor questions Dev for marrying Pari without taking her permission. Pari asks Dev the same. Dev tells Pari that they will talk about it later. Noor gets agitated and starts destroying the decoration. Noor says that she use to think that her mother was wrong about Dev but now she feels that her mother was right and Dev is wrong.

She holds Dev responsible for every bad thing happened. She says that Dev neither cared for her mother nor her. Dev asks Noor to allow him to give an explanation. Noor says that she doesn’t want to talk to him if he can hide things from her, he can and will lie to her aswell. She calls Dev a bad father and leaves. Navdeep asks Dev to give Noor some time. Nimrit calls Chandni and informs her that their plan is successful as her idea of sending Noor worked. Nimrit thanks Chandi. Chandni says that till Nimrit keeps paying her, she will keep making Dev’s life hell.

Nimrit asks her to not worry about money. Pari asks Dev why Noor is so angry on him. Dev says that he has to talk to Noor. Navdeep says that he is with Dev. Pari asks Dev to take her with him. She says that since Noor is Dev’s daughter, she is Pari’s daughter too. She will make Noor understand like Nutan use to make her understand. Nimrit comes and stops Pari from accompanying Dev. She asks Pari to perform the remaining rituals. Pari says that she won’t appear before the guests.

Nimrit says that remaining rituals are private, no guests are involved and Pari will receive memorable gifts. Dev sees Noor crying on the stairs. Dev says that he didn’t hide anything delibaretly, he called and asked Chandni to let him to talk to Noor. He wanted Noor to know about his marriage and accompany him for marriage but Chandi didn’t let him talk to her. Noor says that Chandni was right and Dev is wrong. Dev says that Pari is special, Noor replies that her mother is special for her and better than Dev. Noor leaves.

Precap : Pari tells Dev that Noor is lovely if she played with her for a while she could change her mood totally. She could even say that Pari mom is very special. Nimrit overhears their conversation and thinks that she has prepared special treatment for Pari. Satyakam calls and tells Neel that there is something about Kajal that Neel doesn’t know and he wants to tell it to Neel. Kajal asks Neel why he is up this early morning.

In today’s episode, Bhuli makes Pari wear saree forcefully. She pulls Pari’s hair in between but denies to accept it. Pari asks her to go away. Bhuli comes to the hall and signals at Nimrit. Dev asks Nimrit if she need any help from him in preparation. Nimrit tells Dev that she will handle everything and asks Dev to check if Pari is ready and make sure that she enjoys all the rituals. Pari comes downstairs. Dev asks Pari why she is not ready yet. Pari Complains about Bhuli to Dev. Bhuli says that she didn’t do anything. Pari calls Bhuli a liar. She argues with Bhuli.

Dev asks Pari to wear something else. Pari says that she will wear this saree only as Nimrit gave her the saree and Brides should wear red colour. Nimrit says that she wanted to make Pari ready but preparation is due and she herself is not yet ready. She leaves from there. Pari requests Dev to make her wear the saree. Dev agrees for it. Neel’s talks to Pallavi over phone and tries to sort out everything. Kajal hears the conversation. Neel says sorry to Pallavi for misbehaving with her that day. Kajal looks happy. Neel promises her to keep Kajal happy always and says that Pallavi has a son too now onwards.

Neel sees Kajal. Neel playfully says that it’s a sin to hear others’ conversation. Kajal replies that it’s not sin when the conversation is good. She says Neel is good. Neel replies that Kajal is too good and beautiful. Dev sees video online about how to wear saree. Pari asks him to do hurry. Dev tells Pari that every colour looks good on Pari not just red. He convinces Pari to wear another yellow and comfortable saree. Dev helps Pari to doll up for the function. On the other hand, Neel helps Kajal to get ready, he makes Kajal wear sindoor. Neel and Kajal get

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