Gud Se Meetha Ishq 1st August 2022 Written Update: Kajal reveal herself to Neil


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 1st August 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Pari bringing Gajender into her room and says that now that I told you what all you have to do for my marriage decorations, I hope you understood it well also. Gajender says to her do not worry about anything and he will manage all the stuff and asks her to tell him something about the choices and preferences of your fiance too.

Pari realised that she doesn’t even know about all of these. He is telling her that how is it possible for her not to know about her fiance’s choices? Neil comes inside the room and says to him that whether Pari di knows about it or not is none of your concerns and this is completely our internal matter so you should really stay within your limit.

Gajender doesn’t understand what to say when Pari makes Neil understand no one is crossing limits here but he is just asking me that I should know about all these before marriage itself. Kajal gets a call from Dev and she goes in a corner and Dev told her that she has to be careful about her getup as Gajender and cautious as he feels like Neil got doubt on him. On the other hand, Pari told Gajneder that he should not down the requirements of Neil as well since it is his marriage as well.

Neil says to the Gajender that he needs a very simple and normal wedding after recalling what exactly Kaju has said to him about her marriage plans. Mil said everything that Kajal said to him during their conversation and he keeps repeating what she likes in his wedding decorations and Gajender aka Kajal gets overwhelmed and silent. Dev comes and saves the moment for Kajal and tells them to get ready soon as there is nothing much time left for their wedding functions to start.

Dev told Pari that she should have an idea about the likes and dislikes of mother because this is the basic things that one should know about the other person they are claiming to be a life partner. Pari gets convinced and she decides to meet Mathur before marriage all alone but with Dev to know about his likes and dislikes.

Neil comes into the room of Pari and finds out only Gajender is there and no one else and he starts charging him and says that I don’t have even a bit of trust in you and now I am calling the police who will manage the matter with you. Kajal finally reveals herself and asks him not to call the police.

Elsewhere Pari meets Mathur and Dev is recording their meet on his phone as a proof. He was answering her questions and after two or three he loses his cool and started abusing Pari and called her mad, insane and mentally unstable. Pari gets extremely hurt with his behaviour. At last he pushed her but Dev held her on time and said that finally your real face is out. He says even after having evidences everyone choose to ignore but today I have proof and now I will make sure that this marriage gets called out.

Precap – Mathur tries to play game with the mind of Pari.

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