Gud Se Meetha Ishq 1st July 2022 Written Update: Kajal gets misunderstood by Pari regarding marriage


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 1st July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pari doing her own makeup by using her imported products. As soon as Bhoomi enters her room she gets shocked to see the state of the makeup products. She gets angry to see the state of her makeup and goes out of her room immediately. The family members are back from the temple and they asked Bhoomi if she is not ready yet.

Bhoomi says mockingly you can clearly see I am not ready and Nutan asks Bhoomi but baby what happened to you dear? Why are you crying like this? Bhoomi said I told you all repeatedly that don’t leave Pari alone around me as I can’t handle her alone.

Moreover I don’t even want to handle her at all. Nutan sahas that I told Kajal that she has to be with buddy all the time and then make her ready for the evening as well. They called Kajal and she comes out of the kitchen and says that I have done with my work now I am going to prepare Pari as well and she is upstairs in her room.

Bhoomi immediately says that you people can see for yourself how much responsible she is as she doesn’t even know where Pari is. She says if you all want to see where buddy is then go inside my room she is sitting there and ruined my makeup kit and now doing painting on her face. Everyone goes inside the room and gets shocked to see the face of Pari and also the state of the room as she ruined the bed sheet as well along with all the products.

Everyone gets shocked to see the state of the room and immediately gets in action to clean it up. Kajal says to Nutan that if there are any new bed sheets in the cupboard then I need to change it because it is spoiled. Pari gets up from the bed and asks everyone how I am looking today? Sonia says that you are beautiful naturally but why did you apply so much chemical makeup products? Kajal cleans up the room and Dhruv’s father says to Bhoomi that don’t get upset dear, I will get you new ones of each spoiled stuff of yours.

Bhoomi says all these products are imported which may not be available at the big multiplex shopping complexes of Delhi also. Moreover I don’t think all of you can even afford this. Kajal takes buddy away and says that fast we have to settle down with today’s event and then we can think about it as well and all the family members agree on this and say to Bhoomi that we will set this down once this goes.

Dhruv also says to Bhoomi that I will get you new imported products but till that time please keep your valuable stuff inside the locker. Kajal takes Pari to the room but she is already disturbed with the words of Bhoomi and she breaks down crying and Pari gives her support and says that you will not go anywhere leaving me. Later she tries to make Pari understand that she doesn’t need to be way too excited and loud. She should be calm and composed.

Later Neil takes Kajal away with him and Kajal says to him that Pari is so innocent and sweetheart by mind but I am having huge doubt on this prospective groom as why did he choose Pari di all off a sudden without even knowing her properly and Neil understands her point however Pari listened to all off that and gets angry.

Precap – Pari creates a huge scene and Neil tries to explain the situation while JD taunts Kajal as outsider of the house.

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