Gud Se Meetha Ishq 1st October 2022 Written Update: Happy endings for Dev-Pari and Neel-Kajal


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 1st October 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Pari sings the song ‘Gud Se Meetha Ishq’ while Kajal dances on the stage. Dhruv sees live of their performance and shows it to Bhoomi. She gets shocked. Dhruv gears up to go and inform Neel about the same. Bhoomi stops her and says that Kajal doesn’t deserve Neel. Dhruv criticizes Bhoomi and says that she has problem with her sister not Neel. He calls her uneducated for trying to break his family. He goes to Neel and shows the live performance to him. Dev also sees the performance with Noor. Both Neel and Dev get teary eyed seeing it. The performance ends. Kajal, Pari hug each other.

Dhruv comforts Neel by hugging him. Noor asks Dev to go and bring Pari back. Dev mentions about her sports day at school. Noor says it’s not that important as the finale is on the next week. Dev praises her and kisses her forehead. Dev calls his friend to urgently arrange a helicopter for Uttarakhand. Kajal tells Pari that she has a good news for her. She says that both of them have gotten jobs. Pari becomes happy. They do their happy dance. Kajal gives all the credits to Pari as she sang too well. Pari gives credit to Kajal for dancing well. She enquires about the job. Kajal says that Pari only needs to sing for doing this job as she got the job of music teacher.

They got shocked seeing Neel and Dev there. Neel asks Kajal to let him speak and says sorry to her. Pari scolds Neel for misbehaving with Kajal. Neel bends on his knees and apologies to Kajal. He says that he has no existence without her. He calls himself idiot for insulting Kajal earlier. Kajal forgives him but denies to return to Delhi with him. She says that she doesn’t deserve him. She wishes to stand on her feet first to be worthy of him. She informs him about getting job of dance teacher. Neel becomes happy. He hugs her and says that he will stay there with her.

Kajal says that she can’t separate Neel from his family. Neel says that they will stay at uttrakhand for six months and rest six months they will stay at Delhi. Pari praises the idea and asks Kajal to say yes. Kajal gets convinced. Neel, Kajal share a hug. Dev says sorry to Pari for scolding her in anger. He asks her for forgiveness. He mentions about Pari’s unconditional love for Noor. He says that he and Pari will live happily with Noor. Pari says that only Chandni can keep Dev happy not Pari. She denies to call him Suhaag ji and refers him as Dev sir. She tells Dev that he is not understanding that he is unhappy with her as she can’t keep him happy.

Dev says that he just wants Pari. Pari mentions about Noor. Dev says that Noor loves and cares for her enqually. Pari asks about Nimrit and Chandni. Dev says that he learned their truth. He makes Pari talk to Chandni and Noor via video call. Chandni apologies to Pari for coming in between her and Dev and says that she will go away from their lives. Noor calls Pari as Pari ma and asks her to come back soon. Dev says I love you to Pari and hugs her. Pari says I love you to him back. Dev kisses her forehead and hugs her back. Neel, Kajal say I love you and hug each other. Few months later, Pari teaches music to kids while Dev admires her. Kajal teaches dance to kids while Neel clicks her photographs. The show ends on a happy note.

In today’s episode, Dhruv asks Bhoomi to wake up from sleep as Kajal is not at home. In sleep, Bhoomi reveals that Bhalla uncle aka Pavitra’s father made Kajal sign on the divorce papers and is responsible for her leaving house. Dhruv gets shocked and questions her. Bhoomi wakes up and says that she didn’t know all these, Pavitra told her later.

Dhruv tells Bhoomi if she is involved in this matter, he will abondon her and she has to start afresh in life. Dev visits Khurana house with lots of balloons and enquires about Pari to Neel. He tells Neel whatever happened at Shergill house and asks him to call Kajal to bring Pari there.

Neel breaks into tears. He informs Dev that Pari is not at Khurana house. Dev gets restless hearing that. Dhruv asks him to relax. Dev proposes to inform the police. Rajat says no need as Pari is safe wherever she is right now. Dev gets clueless and asks for Pari’s whereabouts. Neel informs him that Pari is with Kajal. Dev asks him about Kajal. Neel says that he insulted Kajal so she left home. He adds that Kajal contacted Nutan and also asked her to not give their location to him and Dev. Neel blames himself for the situation. Dev says that he wants to apologise to Pari. He asks Neel to let’s go to Kajal’s house to bring their spouses back.

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