Gud Se Meetha Ishq 20th July 2022 Written Update: The engagement party of Pari and Mathur has began


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 20th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kajal colliding with Pavitra and Neil notices that from a corner and he hopes that both of them should not see each other at this point. Pavitra says to Kajal that you were one of the girls who were here to perform dance at the function, right? Then go to the corner of the hall and get ready for your performance.

Pari came down for her engagement but due to her miserable makeup and unorganized dress and other ornaments, the entire look got spoiled and all the guests who were present at the hall were laughing at her due to that. Kajal noticed the whole thing from a distance and due to her emotional attachment with Pari, she was going near her so that she could fix her makeup but before she could do that Neil came from behind and took her away from the place and left the house.

Mathur takes a stand for Pari and says to all the people who are present at the function that she is looking really very difficult and she is my fiance so I would request you all not to laugh at her for no reason. Pari gets happy to see that her dream boy is taking a stand for her and is also calling her beautiful so as usual she gets excited.

Pavitra calls Neil to get ready for dance when Neil reaches the house of Mathur with Kajal and she searches for clues. By mistake, Kajal hits the tool and gets hurt and shouts in pain and Pavitra gets to hear that and understand that Kajal is also with Neil. Pavitra shares everything with Bhoomi and says I don’t know why I trusted Kajal whereas I shouldn’t have. She can’t be trusted at all when Bhoomi asks her to calm down and says once Pari’s marriage is over we will throw her out of the house.

While searching the house for clues Kajal gets to see a woman being changed with a chair inside a room and she immediately frees her. She calls Neil and shows him the same and both of them ask her about her identity and get to know that she is the one they are looking for and whatever cause you have been claiming for a long time is actually true.

Neil says I don’t know why my family members do not pay attention to your words and are always ready to blame you when they could have investigated this person better. Here Bhoomi, Dhruv and Dev performed at the engagement of Pari and Mathur. Pavitra is watching them from a corner as she is missing Neil. Kajal and Neil took the lady to a restaurant and made her eat something. Kajal says to Neil that they should expose Mathur as soon as possible.

She also talked about her words about him in the morning and clarified her stand. Neil says to her that he understands her intentions and she can be assured about that. Pari as usual is not listening to Dev and asks him to catch her first then only she will listen to him and he does that on her demand.

Precap – Neil and Kajal stop the engagement and bring the women in front of all.

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