Gud Se Meetha Ishq 21st July 2022 Written Update: Neil and Kajal finally gets an evidence


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 21st July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Neil saying to Kajal this is not the right time to discuss all of that and I told you already that I don’t have any doubt regarding your intentions so you don’t need to take stress about that and currently we are on a mission and I told you in the morning itself that this is very important not only for us but also for Pari.

Kajal nods in yes and says it has been quite a long time already but Riya hasn’t come out yet from washroom and Neil says don’t worry she will come soon and he stands up and notices that she is looking at them and Neil asks her to come at their side but she comes in front and starts running in the opposite direction.

Kajal and Neil also follow her so that they can catch her because she’s the only day of hope for them to stop the wedding and engagement. On the other hand, Dev took Pari inside a bathroom and washed her face with soap and water to remove her makeup and she starts to cry that he removed her makeup. However, Dev completed his work and told Pari to give him some minutes so she can see for herself what he did.

He brings her in front of the mirror and shows her that she is looking fresh and beautiful. He says that beauty comes from within, if your heart is beautiful then you will look beautiful and Pari has the most beautiful, honest and nice heart among everyone. Pari gets almost convinced but when she goes out and everyone including Mathur complimented her, she immediately gets happy and starts laughing. She says to everyone excitedly that now she can’t wait for her engagement program to start and shouts for the ring and Pavitra says to Bhoomi Neil is missing out on his sister’s engagement for Kajal which I can’t believe.

On the other hand after a lot of running and efforts, finally Kajal and Neil caught her on the road and asked her not to fear and come with them . Riya asks them not to call police and Kajal assures her that they will not but in return she has to come with them and speak about her marriage with Mathur. Pari and Mathur are going to exchange their rings when Neil comes in and stops Pari from putting the ring on Mathur’s finger. Pari says to Neil why are you doing all these? My engagement is going on and you are being this mad for no reason!!!! Dev doubts Mathur as he is sure about Neil and Kajal.

Everyone questions Kajal and Neil only but Neil says he got this lady from his house in a hostage state and Kajal asks Riya to speak the truth in front of everyone. Mathur is continuously defending himself and trying to keep Pari on his side with his sweet talks. Pari is supporting her fiance over her brother and Kajal. Kajal finally requested Riya to come forward and speak.

Precap – Riya turned around and blamed Kajal for plotting her against Mathur to break the alliance.

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