Gud Se Meetha Ishq 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Bhoomi defames Kajal in front of everyone


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 22nd July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kajal saying to Riya that she should pick up about the reality and she should not get scared of anything. On the contrary, Riya comes in front of everyone and suddenly breaks down in front of Mathur and says that please forgive me for everything. She says that I tried to go against you a lot even though I tried to defame you as well but I couldn’t.

She says that you all are asking me to speak up the truth then I will. Basically this is all a setup against Mathur planted by this girl Kajal. She gives me money to defame him in front of everyone and to claim that I am his wife whereas I am not. I don’t even know this person at all. She says that Kajal wants to break the relationship of Pari and Mathur.

Kajal is shocked after hearing this along with the entire family who are looking at Kajal with a lot of anger and disgust. She says to Riya, “Why are you lying and putting the blame on me? When did I give you money to speak against anyone? She says to Riya that I am begging you for the last time to please speak up and tell people about the actual reality. Riya keeps quiet and Kajal says I am the one who made you free from the ropes and chains from inside his house.

Everyone asks Neil whether he has seen her being tied with ropes and chains inside the house of Mathur? Neil says I was in another room but I opened the chain of her legs with my own hands. Also I trust Kajal and I am sure now that this person is surely a fraud. Mathur says why do you believe a stranger over your would be brother-in-law?

Madhur says to Kajal that now your musk has fallen off and everybody in this house can see your real face with their own eyes. Bhoomi joins the party and says that Kajal is always like this and I was saying the same from day one. She says that her character is not right and all she wants to do is to make people get trapped in her plans so that she can fulfill her agendas.

Bhoomi continues to say that from day one she tried to trap Neil and came in this house by manipulating him and then she was after Pari di because she knows if Pari gets married, she has to leave the house as well so she doesn’t want buddy to get married so that she can secure her place in that house. Kajal tries to explain her side of the story to everyone but no one pays attention to her. She tried to tell buddy also about the situation but buddy misunderstands her and puts her in such a bad situation that she collides with a wall.

Dev rushed to her and said to Pari that she is being so rude and violent. Bhoomi continues to slow poison against the minds of people against Kajal . Later on, Mathur asks family members to choose between Kajal and him. JD says we will throw Kajal out of the house right now. Kajal stops Neil from speaking anything and says she is ready to leave the house right now.

Precap – Kajal goes out of the house and Sonia closed the door.

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