Gud Se Meetha Ishq 22nd June 2022 Written Update: Dev confronts Bhoomi regarding Pari function day


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 22nd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Bhoomi and Chhavi having an argument with Dev and out of nowhere suddenly Bhoomi blanks everything on Kajal and starts dragging her hands saying, I am sure you must be responsible for whatever happened.

Kajal makes her hands free and says to Bhoomi that I am not responsible for anything, please keep me out of this at any cost. Dev says to Bhoomi and her mother that not Kajal but you people are doing drama and trying to cover up your deeds.

Chhavi says to Dev that you are an outsider and you and people like Kajal are parasites who dreamt of coming and settling into a big family. But always remember we will be their family and you people are outsiders. No matter what you all will remain outsiders always and I will never let you complete your dreams ever. Dev is about to give answers while Kajal stops him. She says there is no need to argue with them and asks him not to tell anyone about the flasks and hot water thing.

She says the more you will say the more things will get complicated and problematic . They understood her words and left from there. On the other hand Neil had an argument with his father regarding Phool Singh as he wants his father to file a case in the court against Phool, so that he can punish him properly.

However JD is not ready to do anything like that and he says that Phool Singh is a criminal minded person and if we do any sort of legal processions against him then he can take revenge against as by using the ladies of our house and I don’t need to tell you excuse me how irritating and dangerous he can be. Neil says do you really think that I will tolerate and let him do anything with my sister or any other person of my family ? Even if he dares to think about doing something like this, I will rip him apart.

Neel says to JD that if he doesn’t file a case against that person and keeps coming up with such excuses then he will take in the entire thing in his own way and he knows what he has to do now. Kajal is cooking in the kitchen when the ladies of the house notice that one of the window slides is broken and they ask Kajal about it and she lives about the study incident and didn’t tell anyone about the attack she faced from phool Singh.

Later on, Pari comes down and says that if the food is ready as she is very much hungry. However then she gives her prize money to her uncle and for the first time JD blessed her and both of them cried due to being overwhelmed and emotional. However Neil understands that JD is unable to stand the fact of Kajal staying in the house and Kajal also understands that uncle is not liking her and he is making it pretty evident in every other way possible.

Precap – Kajal wrote a letter for Neil and Pari kept it in place. However Bhoomi decided to blow it up out of proportion.

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