Gud Se Meetha Ishq 25th July 2022 Written Update: Neil is upset with his family for Kajal


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 25th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Kajal entering the store room of the house to pack her stuff and belongings along with the sister of Neil who is extremely sad that Kajal is going to leave the house. Kajal opens her trolley bag and Neil also comes there and gives her back the scarf which has been with him for a long time. He was completely broken and upset with the fact that Kajal has to leave the house that too with wrong allegations on her for no reason.

Kajal packs all her belongings and calls all those moments when she makes a meal and how he always wins with her in every thick and thin. She goes and meets his sister and explains to her how to take care of Pari and she asks her to be with her all the time and hugs her and she is also crying to see Kajal going.

Kajal comes down and goes to each and every person to say a goodbye and almost all give her a very cold reaction except the grandmother of Neil and Neil himself. Even when she came to Pari, she moved aside and asked Mathur are we going to marry once she leaves the house? He says of course we will and exactly the day we planned it.

Kajal feels sad and upset with the behaviour of Pari but still she doesn’t say anything and goes to Dev sir for one last time to say goodbye to him as well. She takes her trolley and goes towards the main gate of the house and Neil is also going to accompany her but her mother stopped him in the middle and didn’t let him go with her for one last time also.

Kajal says to the entire family that she is thankful to all of them for giving her shelter and also for giving her family even if it is for sometime. Sonia comes and takes her trolley and puts it outside of the house and also sort of pushes her outside of the house too and closes the door.

Mathur says to the family that even after the entire drama you all believed me and not her is such a big thing and also thanked Riya and offered her a drop saying he is impressed by her honesty and she deserves this. Neil is visibly upset when Pavitra brings food for him and he asks her to leave her alone as he is disturbed and later he discusses his inner turmoil with Dev and he says to Neil that he will take care of Kaju so he doesn’t need to worry about that.

Pavitra overheard their conversation and gets angry thinking after all these again Neil is trying to help and think about Kajal only. Dev comes to Kajal and asks her to come with him to his house as she is no stranger and he considers her as a sister of him. Kajal gets touched and agrees to go with him.

Precap – Mathur says Kajal will not keep quiet but I will do this marriage anyhow. Pavitra asks Neil does he fall for Kajal?

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