Gud Se Meetha Ishq 26th July 2022 Written Update: Kajal gets a shelter from Dev


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 26th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kajal and Dev talking about Mathur and Dev says to her whatever happened today was wrong and shouldn’t have happened but now we have to think of ways to expose Mathur in front of the entire family members. Kajal says he is very cunning and can convince people easily to believe in his narratives. On the other hand, Mathur reaches home with his wife Riya and praises her for doing a really convincing act in front of all.

He says you can surely credit yourself now as you save me and the game both. His mother says that you should have told me in advance about taking her in confidence, I just skipped an attack after seeing her at that venue. I thought that our game was over already. Mathur says if I have told you in advance then in over confidence you will over acting so I don’t want to take any risk and Riya knows really well that if she doesn’t listen to me, she will lose her life, afterall by speaking a lie she saved herself and her life only.

He sits on a sofa and gives a gun to Riya and says it has only one bullet so either shoot yourself or shoot me, choice is yours. Riya tried to shoot him but couldn’t so she pointed the gun at herself and pulled the trigger but the gun had no bullet at all. On the other hand, Dev asks Kajal to call him brother from now on and Kajal says thank you for giving me so much respect by calling me sister.

Mathur says to Riya that your little brother is in Kolkata and gives her money and asks her to go to Kolkata and settle there forever and not to come back or show her face again and surely do not try to double cross him at all. Riya agrees and leaves with the money and he says to his mother, he is sure Kajal will not sit quietly but he is also ready because no one can stop him from doing this marriage. Pari on the other hand is throwing stuff from her room from here to there saying that she is upset with Kaju and Kajal is not her best friend anymore and crying very badly.

She told her mother that Kajal is not a friend, she hurts her a lot and she spoke so much against her fiance whereas he is such a nice and great person. Pavitra lashes out at Neil for trying to help out Kajal again via Dev. She says that she has heard the entire conversation of him and Dev and she can’t believe that even after Kajal is proved guilty in front of his entire family, he is still siding with her,

supporting her. She says that I have a doubt now and you have to answer my query about whom you love ? Is there any way that you fall in love with Kajal or you two are mutually having feelings for each other? She says she is fed up with all these and now she can’t take it all anymore. She gives Neil an ultimatum that either you have to marry me and accept me for life or I will leave you and our relationship forever.

Precap – Pavitra asks Kajal what magic you spell on Neil. Did you love him or does he love you ? Kajal could not understand what to say!!!

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