Gud Se Meetha Ishq 27th August 2022 Written Update: Pari gets kidnapped


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 27th August 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Neel and Kajal reach Pallavi’s place. Kajal asks Neel to freshen up. She stares at Pallavi. Pallavi says that she knows what Kajal is thinking about. She asks Kajal to ask her whatever she wants to ask. Kajal asks Pallavi why she didn’t tell her that Bhoomi is her cousin. She says that Satyakam told it to Neel and she got to know from Neel. Pallavi says that either circumstances or time were not correct.

She says that truth remains truth no matter what. She asks Kajal to accept the truth and move on. Kajal says that it’s not easy. Pallavi asks her forget all these and concentrate on her family and relationship with Neel. She goes to arrange hot water for Neel and asks Kajal to show Neel their house. Neel gives Kajal his hand and asks her to join him for the home tour. Pari keeps walking on the road and looks for Dev.

She stops a car thinking it’s Dev’s car but spots unknown people inside. Later, she guesses that they are Dev’s friends, came to pick her up. The men said that Dev has sent them and asks her to sit in car. Pari sits in the car. Kajal brings Neel in her room. She gets emotional seeing the objects in the room. She shows Neel the jacket he gave her. They get romantic. Kajal asks him to call Delhi and tell Khuranas the truth as they must be worried for Pallavi.

She takes Neel’s phone. Neel begs her to not call. Kajal gets convinced and says that they will tell them the truth after reaching Delhi. Neel agrees. He tries to get romantic again. Kajal says that Pallavi is calling and leaves. She smiles. Neel feels great. Chhavi hears that her driver is talking about Neel and Kajal’s pagphere ritual at their village. Dev shows picture of Pari to the golgappa seller. The seller tells Dev everything. Pallavi and other villagers celebrate pagphere ceremony at home.

Neel gets blessings from Pallavi, welcome garland and foods to eat. The villagers feed him forcefully with love. Kajal joins them and laugh. She says that they are from mountains, they are like this only. An eyewitness informs Dev that Pari sat in a white car and left. Kajal dances with the ladies. Neel records her video. Later, Neel joins the men. Neel, Kajal dance together. They take a group selfie.

Pari is brought to a factory. Pari says that it’s not Dev’s house and tries to leave. The men ask Pari to keep quiet and sit on a chair. Pari calls them bad and cries. She starts shouting and beats the men. They try to capture her. Pari says that she doesn’t want to play hide and seek. She gets tired and sits on the chair. She is tied with the chair using rope. The episode ends.

Precap: Pari sings Bhajan, Dev hears her voice. He searches for her and reaches the factory. He comes face to face with Pari’s kidnappers.

In today’s episode, Kajal worries as she is unable to contact Pallavi. Neel asks her to not worry. He stops the car by a shop to bring water. Dev searches for Pari. He notices ‘dhappa’ written on mirror. He wonders what it means. Nutan says that Pari might felt that Dev will not come to pick her, so she left home to give dhappa to Dev. She worries for Pari’s safety. Neel brings water bottle and chips. He turns the radio on and observes Kajal.

He wipes water from Kajal’s face. Kajal offers chips to Neel. Neel signals her to feed him. Kajal feeds him. Neel suggests to have food at nearby dhaba as they are hungry. Kajal looks confused. Pari walks on the road while searching for Dev’s house. Her phone becomes dead. She notices a mannequin wearing clothes like Dev, she hugs it. The shopkeeper asks Pari if she wants to buy it.

She asks him to inform her about the address of people who buy such Kurta Pyjamas. Shopkeeper looks confused. Pari asks him about Dev’s address. He says that he has no idea. Pari gives description of Dev. Shopkeeper asks Pari if she wants to buy the kurta pyjama. Pari says that she is only searching for Dev’s house. Then, she asks him for Golgappe stall as she is hungry. Shopkeeper asks her to leave. Dev enquires about Pari from the local people.

Pari goes to another shopkeeper and asks him to put her phone in charging as she wants to contact Dev. The shopkeeper asks her to buy

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