Gud Se Meetha Ishq 27th July 2022 Written Update: Neil refused to marry Pavitra


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 27th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dev asking Pari why she is not having dinner till late night and throwing tantrums. Pari says it is because I am extremely angry and upset with Kajal and I hate her. She is a very bad friend and if you talk about her to me then I will not talk to you and will cut the call.

Kajal on the other hand is watching them talking with a smiling face. Dev asks Pari to calm down and listen to him for once. She is throwing paper while drawing in her house and says to Dev that she has no mood to do so and Dev made her understand that she has to eat dinner and sleep on time. Then he took a pause and said, “ I have an idea to make your anger go away from you in a blink of an eye”.

Pari gets excited to hear this and says to Dev that I am ready to do whatever you are asking for and he asks her to close her eyes and feel that there is a rose kept in front of her nose and she has to inhale the fragrance of those roses. Also now she has to think that beside the roses, there is her birthday cake with lots of colorful candles on it. He asks her to blow them off in a jiffy.

As per his instructions Pari is doing whatever he is asking for and after doing the set for 3-4 times she realised that she is feeling much more relaxed and good and her anger seems to go off completely and she says the same to Dev as well and cuts the call after promising that she will have her dinner now.

Kajal says to Dev she was watching him handling Pari with so much calm and ease and asks if he stays alone and is there nobody in his house? Dev seems disturbed with her topic and says to her that he doesn’t like when someone being in his own house questions him about it.

She says she doesn’t want to make him uncomfortable and then Dev assured her that he didn’t mind and asks her to tell him what exactly happened at the place of Mathur and Kajal told him everything in detail. On the other hand, Neil is embarrassed and suffocated with the behaviour of Pavitra and the way she made a mess in front of everyone in the house and he simply refused to marry her at this point and asked for some space.

Pavitra comes to the house of Dev to meet Kajal and asks her to teach how to do black magic on people so that she can gain back her control over Neil as he stopped being attentive to her and all the time he talks about his best friend Kajal. She says does he love you or you love him?

Pavitra also added if that is the case then she will happily leave both of them on their own and will leave for better. Later Neil comes to the house of Dev and told him how he feels suffocated and cornered in his relationship with Pavitra and she is a changed person now who only doubts his intentions. Later he told Kajal that he will always be by her side no matter what.

Precap – Kajal asks Neil to marry Pavitra and not delay it anymore for anything.

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