Gud Se Meetha Ishq 29th July 2022 Written Update: Neil decides to confront Kajal


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 29th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pari telling Neil about Kajal wearing vermillion in her partition and she promising her to not tell anyone about it. Neil gets shocked to know this and he immediately worked out of the room while Pari is continuously talking about the marriage and the outfits and she thinks that Neil is still standing behind her but when she turned around and didn’t find him, she got annoyed.

At the same time, Neil’s phone rings and Pari finds out that he left his phone with her. She picks up the call. On the other side, Neil reaches the house of Dev and he lets him in and says that he wants to talk to Kajal for some clarification. He says when we talked yesterday it feels like there is some emptiness, incompleteness in her words. I want to know about that from her. I want to know about all of that.

Pavitra thinks Neil picks up her call and she goes on with her rants about how she is thankful and happy that finally they are getting married and he agreed to it as well. She says that my parents are really happy with the way your family treated them. Pari told her that she is not Neil and he just flew away in a blink of an eye while they were having some important discussion about their marriage.

In Dev’s house Pari first refuses to come in the front but then she does and asks Neil what he wants to know from her and why? He says that he wants to know what she didn’t tell him. She says to him that she told everything that he needs to hear and know. Pavitra gets angry to know that Neil again went to meet Kajal and she thinks even after all of these, Kajal is a permanent part of her life. She told her parents to leave and she will reach there on time after getting ready.

Neil brings Kajal to a temple and says you can run away from everyone and everything but can not run away from her God so he wants to listen to her truth standing in front of this god. She says there is nothing hidden from him and she told whatever needed to him already and there is nothing more to clarify.

He asks her to remove her scarf from the head but she denies but he insists and with the air bowling in speed the scarf got away from her head and Neil saw that her partition is filled with vermillion. She finally says to him that this marriage is one of the biggest realities of her life which she can’t deny. When they got married, nothing was fake there and she accepted it wholeheartedly.

However, when she came to Delhi, and faced the reality with Pavitra at the bus stand, she understood that things are not fairytale in real life and she accepted this reality too. Hence as of now for her the only reality and truth is he is her best friend and will remain that only for the rest of her life. There is nothing more or less than this and can’t be anything either.

Precap – Kajal says to Dev this chapter is over and now she has to focus on the main thing that is rescuing Pari.

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 28th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kajal taking a walk with Neil on the streets and saying that I am so happy and lucky. I feel that I must have done something great in the past for sure and that is why I got a friend like you in my life. You have always taken care of me more than anyone else. But I feel now time has come for you and me both to move forward in our life.

Now I think you should think about your life as well rather than always worrying about me and thinking about me. She says the utility of a river is not only to find a destination for the ship but to meet his desired destination in the sea. Pavitra is the sea of your life where you have to meet her like a river. She loves you a lot and cares for you so much.

As far as I can understand she cares for you and that is the reason she thinks she has rights on you. She is not bad, she is just so much in love with you. Maybe no one else can love someone this much deep like hers. So now you should pay attention to her without thinking about me. Don’t think that I will be left behind alone, I have a big brother now who will take care of me without even asking. Also now I have to do something for myself on my own.

You says I am your best friend then you should listen to your best friend and for the betterment of all and for the happiness of you and me I think, you should say yes for the marriage with Pavitra. Neil understands and nods in a yes and Kajal says to him that till the time the sun will rise in my hills and the rains will fall in your city streets, we will remain friends and no one else can change that.

Later on, Pavitra gets depressed thinking about Neil and she tries to commit suicide. The next morning, Pavitra’s parents come to the house of Neil and ask him whether he loves his daughter or not. Otherwise he will get his daughter married to someone else. Kajal and Dev are having breakfast and she asks if the food is fine as she made it for him only and he says it is so tasty that I eat almost the entire food. He asks Kajal if she is disturbed and she says she is thinking about Riya and Pari and also says Neil should get married to Pari.

Later Dev notices the vermillion on her partition and understands that she loves Neil. Neil on the other hand says yes for the marriage with Pavitra and the family decides to marry them off with Pari and Mathur. Pari calls Neil and shares her excitement with him and says that it will be great for us to get married in the same day and in the same spot and she asks her brother to choose a matching sherwani as per her bridal outfit.

Later she told him that she missed Kajal a lot and the way she used to take care of her, no one did it. If she was here, she will make her the prettiest bride and will take care of her but now that she is not here, she doesn’t feel good and miss her so much but can’t tell it to anyone. Later she by mistake told Neil that she will apply sindoor after marriage just like Kajal does and she promised her that she will not tell anyone about this.

Precap – Neil comes to meet Kajal to know her understanding about their marriage.

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