Gud Se Meetha Ishq 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Dev asks Mathur to get out from the place


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 2nd August 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Dev threatening Mathur not to come close to paddy after what he did with her in front of his eyes. He says no matter how you try, in the end reality comes in front in various ways. You are not at all worthy of Pari and her innocence.

How dare you call her names like mad, dumb head and all. You are not eligible for her, she is the most precious person. The whole world can be at one side and her innocence and mind can be at another. I will not tolerate any bad words against Pari.

On the other hand, Neil gets emotional to see Kajal is having vermillion on her hair partition and she says to him that give me 10 minutes and I will explain to you about everything. She says that I am here for a mission which is the marriage of Pari.

I along with Dev sir are trying hard to bring the real face of Mathur in front of her. Neil asks her about what is going on. She closes the door of the room and is going to say when Pari’s mother comes and bangs on the door and calls out Pari’s name. Kajal covers the door as she can not make any sound.

Hence she is silently covering the door and Neil also joins her and looks at her with puppy eyes. She then goes to the bathroom and Neil says to Nutan that Pari is angry but for some unknown reason so she is not talking to anyone. Kajal throws some stuff inside the bathroom to establish the fact and she comes back and talks to Neil. Neil asks her to confess her love for him she denies and says that you are getting married to Pavitra and you should focus there rather than coming after me.

On the other hand, Dev gets angry and asks Mathur to leave and not show up again. Mathur tries to provoke Pari saying that not only Kajal, there are many enemies in this world against us. None of these people want us to get married. He says to Dev that I am marrying Pari because I love her otherwise she will marry a mentally challenged but physically adult girl like her. I am doing a great charity for her and her whole family members and instead of being thankful you all are pouncing on me??

Dev gets angry and says she is not abnormal and dares you to call her such things again and I will not leave you at all. Pari is not having such bad times that out of all you will do charity on her. She needs love, not your charity and sympathy. She is that much extra special. He asks Mathur to leave from there and asks Pari did she notice what he said and how he behaved with her?

Pari still calls him bad and says that you are also like Kajal who doesn’t want us to be happy. They came back home while Neil manages Nutan and Kajal told Neil once again that he should focus on Pavitra as she is capable of taking care of herself. Pari gets angry then says that my mehendi is today, someone prepares me.

Precap – Dev says everything to everyone and Nutan gets angry with Mathur.

The episode begins with Pari bringing Gajender into her room and says that now that I told you what all you have to do for my marriage decorations, I hope you understood it well also. Gajender says to her do not worry about anything and he will manage all the stuff and asks her to tell him something about the choices and preferences of your fiance too.

Pari realised that she doesn’t even know about all of these. He is telling her that how is it possible for her not to know about her fiance’s choices? Neil comes inside the room and says to him that whether Pari di knows about it or not is none of your concerns and this is completely our internal matter so you should really stay within your limit.

Gajender doesn’t understand what to say when Pari makes Neil understand no one is crossing limits here but he is just asking me that I should know about all these before marriage itself. Kajal gets a call from Dev and she goes in a corner and Dev told her that she has to be careful about her getup as Gajender and cautious as he feels like Neil got doubt on him. On the other hand, Pari told Gajneder that he should not down the requirements of Neil as well since it is his marriage as well.

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